48 SMART Goals Templates, Examples & Worksheets

A man without a vision is a moving corpse – Karl H. Potter

Intelligence is what differentiates humans from the other creatures. It enables humans to rationalize the alternatives before him, compare choices and take the most informed decisions.

Indeed, the whole essence of humans’ existence is to be able to prioritize the activities of their lives and set clear and measurable goals. Without clear goals, life tends towards the paths that allow nature and challenges drive it leading to chaos and troubles. But with SMART Goals, a person can deliberately takes charge of his/her life, carefully design outcomes and leads a satisfying life.

What Are SMART Goals?

For clarity, SMART Goals are clearly outlined objectives and points that a goal-setter can easily track, measure, and whose success can be easily evaluated. Ultimately, it places the users in-charge of his/her lives and ensures they take control of the events happening with them.

The word SMART as used here is an acronym representing: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Each word in the acronym is deployed to tracking, measuring and evaluating the value and the performance a goal till it is completed.

Practical Applications of SMART Goals

The SMART GOAL rules can be applied to every facet of life. You may decide to set SMART Goals in your personal life, like ensuring discipline in saving for a car. It could be in your professional life, like increasing sales or acquiring a new degree. It could also be in your academic life, relationship and what have you.

But let’s consider its applications to a professional life.

Specific: this is clearly defining what you really want to achieve. You may need to explain why you need the goal, how to achieve it and when to clearly realize when it is achieved. For instance, as a marketer, your goal might be to become the top sales person in your company for the year.

It helps to clearly showcase the goal and given it a tangible value.

Measurable: The goal should be measurable in such that you can track the performance, know when you are derailing and specifically realize when you’ve achieved your goal.

For instance, if the best marketers in your company sell about 5 products per week, you should be able to place your goals within such value and work harder when you fail to ensure you remain on track. When your goal is measurable, you will be kept on track.

Attainable: This is another important part of a Smart Goal. This ensures the goal set is not frivolous. You take the time to evaluate and study the goal in such that it is attainable. This doesn’t preclude setting challenging goals, instead, it helps to analyze the requirements of the goal and ensure you have the requirement resources and expertise to achieve them.

Setting unachievable goals can only lead to frustration.

Relevant: There is no use setting a goal because others are. Every prospective achiever must set goals that are relevant to their lives. Yes, you may decide to tart something entirely new but you need to be sure it’s what you really want to do.

Timeline: Sometimes, your time can become a goal killer. When your goal broods too long in the making, you might lose the passion and, it may even become obsolete. So, you need to give a clear timeline, like a deadline to your goal. Besides, this helps you remain passionate about the goal.

Lastly, that you have a smart goal doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges. You achieve your goals; you need a good dose of energy and determination.

Here is our collection of 48 SMART Goals Templates, Examples & Worksheets,


Download Smart Goals Template 01 


Download Smart Goals Template 02


Download Smart Goals Template 03


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Download Smart Goals Template 48

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