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Wanted Posters are used to track down or to gather more information about the whereabouts of a criminal. In most cases, it could be a fugitive, or a hardcore criminal who has been committing high-level crimes on a regular basis. Wanted Posters were prepared and circulated by the police official and other people from the police departments or security agencies. They were also prepared by other vigilante groups or companies who had experienced a recent robbery. There are guidelines which you must follow when preparing Wanted Poster Design. Some of them have been outlined below:

Use a clear photo or image.

For a higher success rate of using a wanted poster, it is always recommended that a photo of the person of interest should be included. In cases where a photo of the person is not available, then a clear sketch of the image of the individual can be applied. It is important to use a vivid image that best represents the person of interest. This means that any significant birth marks or scarring should be included in the photo and at the right place. This will prevent confusion in public, as to whether the person in the photo is really the person that they might have seen.

Use a clear and more detailed description.

When preparing Wanted Posters, it is important to use all the relevant details of the person of interest. The personal details should be outlined on the poster accordingly. This means that the information should be counter checked with the relevant authorities to verify whether it is legitimate or not. Remember, if you are not really sure about the information, consult widely or better yet, just leave it out. A wanted person is always viewed in the bad light by the public; therefore, never risk giving false information, or you will be sued.

Do not use decorations on the Wanted Poster Design.

Remember, Wanted Posters are professional. Therefore, the presentation of your Wanted Poster Design should represent professionalism and serious business. Decorations can also act as a distraction. Putting too many decorations on the Wanted Poster Designs will take the attention away from the main agenda, which is to get people to read about the person of interest. Including decorations will also make many people brush it off and ignore the Wanted Poster as it will just look like another invitation to a party or something.

In conclusion, preparing Wanted Poster Designs is a simple task. However, take your time to do your homework in terms of research. Clarify the information given before putting it on the poster. Look for a strategic position to hang your poster so as to target as many people as possible. Avoid the use of too many decorations and be as professional as possible. Use a clear and very detailed description of the person of interest. Use a decent photo of the person. The photo should be clear and should include any relevant details like birth marks, scars, beauty spots or tattoos.

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