Free Gantt Chart Templates


A Gantt Chart is a tool used for project management. This is most often used when having to organize many different tasks associated with that project. Gantt Charts are bar charts that show how much time it’s expected to finish a particular task. It is very important for a project. It also shows how much time it actually takes for those tasks to be completed. With the help of it, you can see how the tasks relate to each other toward the completion of the project. This not only helps people know when they should start their work but also lets everyone know when the project is ahead or behind schedule.

Gantt charts are very useful for scheduling, planning, and working on a project. You can use it in various ways to reach the expected outcome. It allows you to plan a strategic business plan, manage product releases, complete a project in a defined period of time, and provide a visual of project tasks. Gantt chart templates provide you with a visual look at the completed tasks and the uncompleted tasks when you are working on a project. With its help it, you can easily see the status of a project. You can easily manage the processes that depend upon the completion of other processes. It allows you to give an estimate of the time when the project will be completed.

Benefits of a Gantt Chart:

Divide the Project into Small Parts:

For example, when building a website that links many departments, the first thing that needs to be done is the shell of the website. It must be built first and the standards put in place. This would be done by the web development department. It is important to know how long they believe it will take and when it is done. So the other departments will know when they should start working on the project.

Once the developers are done, the designers should come in to make the look of the website uniform and professional. After they are done, then the website managers from each department should go to their pages. After that, they will start entering the information they want on the site. All of these steps depend on knowing when the department before them has completed its job. A Gantt Chart will allow that to happen quickly and easily.

Provides good Planning:

Another example would be if one is planning the opening of a small business. This could be a project that is much longer term, but a Gantt Chart would still be helpful in order to determine which tasks have been completed and which tasks should be completed next. When setting up a small business, there are several factors to consider. Some of them are finding a location, gathering money through loans and investors to start the business, acquiring stock and determining how long it will take for that stock to get there, hiring new employees, and planning the grand opening.

Keeps you on the Right Track:

All of these tasks are dependent on one another. They need to be completed in a certain order for success. Using a Gantt Chart will help everyone keep track of what has been completed and what still needs to be done. This would be particularly helpful in this situation since so much has to happen.

Gantt Chart Templates can easily be found online or in most word processing suites. They are designed to be easy to use and depend on information being inserted by the user so that the bar chart can be created. This makes it easy to put one together and then share it with everyone involved in the project. When setting up a Gantt Chart, make sure that you include everyone in the project so that all-time estimates are reasonable and so everyone knows approximately how long they have to complete their portions of the project.

Gantt Charts are one of the best management tools that can be used when organizing a large project that involves many people and many tasks that need to be done in a specific order.

Free Gantt Chart Templates:

Check out our own-created Gantt Chart Templates in MS Word and MS Excel formats. These templates are available and free to use with complete editing features.



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Here’s the download button for this MS Word Gantt Chart Template Vol-01.




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Common parts of a Gantt Chart:

When you create a Gantt chart then you have to add many things to it according to your need but there are some parts that are a necessary part of all Gantt charts.

Here are three common parts of the Gantt charts:


For making a successful Gantt chart, it is very necessary to add all the activities in it. If you do not add any activity then the outcome of your hard work will not be as good as expected because maybe many activities depend upon the activity that you have forgotten to write about. That’s why it is very necessary to add all the activities carefully to your Gantt chart.

Estimate of Time:

The estimate of time is very necessary for a Gantt chart. A time estimate allows you to define a time frame for the completion of each task. In this way, you can easily check when the dependent activities will start. You can write the estimate of time for each task according to your own calculations when creating a Gantt chart for a small project. When you have to create a Gantt chart for a large project then you should use a realistic approach for calculating the estimated time of each task completion.


An activity upon which other activities depend is called a predecessor. For example, if you are making a building then you will have to create walls before starting the paintwork. In this example, the walls are predecessors because they should be there for the next activity of paint. You cannot perform the paint task without creating the walls of the building. So, you should define all the predecessors accurately for the smooth execution of each part.

Here we have listed some high-quality free Gantt chart templates that anyone can use to create a Gantt chart. Anyone can download them by just clicking on the download button available below all the templates. So, hurry up and get these free templates.