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An Eviction Notice is a formal notice that is issued to occupants of the property. It is issued out to inform the occupants that they should vacate the premises before or on a given date. It is mostly issued out when the occupant goes against the terms and conditions initially agreed upon. For example, if a tenant never pays the rent on time as agreed or if the tenant breaks the rules and regulations agreed upon. An Eviction Notice is an important document since it is against the law to lock someone out of the property without issuing a notice of eviction. An Eviction Notice can also be issued in the case where there is a new owner (landlord) of the property. The new landlord may not be interested in leasing out the property, and therefore an Eviction Notice can be issued for the tenant to vacate the premises. Outlined below are the Eviction Notice guidelines.

Include the Reason for the Eviction

An Eviction Notice is not just a document that can be dished out per the whims of the landlord. There must be a solid reason for the eviction. Some of the reasons that can result in an Eviction Notice include the things like failure to follow the stated terms and conditions of the contract. A good example is the one given above of failing to pay the rent on time, especially on multiple occasions. In some extreme cases, the tenant might have completely failed to pay the rent over a long period of time. This can prompt the landlord to issue an Eviction Notice. Another good reason for an Eviction Notice is if the neighbors keep complaining about a particular tenant on multiple occasions. For example, the tenant might be making a lot of noise or intentionally causing chaos in the neighborhood.

However, as a landlord, you should conduct your investigation to verify if the case is true or not. If it is true, then you should first give out a warning, but if the tenant persists, then you can issue them an Eviction Notice. Another reason as stated above is a change in the ownership of the property. One more reason for issuing out an Eviction Notice is if there is a dispute over the rightful owner of the property. In this case, the tenants might be requested to vacate the premises until the dispute has been settled.

It should include the date of the eviction deadline.

An Eviction Notice should not just be given out randomly. The tenant should be given ample time to willingly vacate the premises before the actual day of the eviction. If not, they will have legal grounds to sue you for failing to issue the Eviction Notice in good time. It is important to include the date on which the eviction will take place if the tenant fails to vacate the premises before then.

The Eviction Notice guidelines discussed above are very crucial since if they are not followed, it might result in a legal dispute. Therefore, it is essential to put into consideration the Eviction Notice guidelines. For more information and clarification, you can consult a legal professional.

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