Free Obituary Templates


An Obituary is news of a dead person published in a newspaper along with his personal life information and his/her funeral details. A most obituary is written for significant people rather than the normal public. It includes a brief history of their life, their achievements, and news of the funeral so that interested ones can attend and pray. An obituary is mostly written by the closed one of a dead person. In this post, we going to share with you our best and Free Obituary Templates to prepare your own quickly.

Purpose of Obituary Templates:

Many organizations and media-related companies make pre-edited and prewritten obituaries for those who might be close to death and when needed they edit them again. It saves media time and can be reported shortly after death.

An obituary is for people who do not see the dead person every day or don’t know personally him/her giving a chance for them to know the expired person and his personal life. Like his/her real name, birthplace, married life, kids, and residence. An obituary is written to give respect and honor to the ones who have passed. It also allows you to inform about the death of the deceased person. An obituary allows you to provide information about the deceased person to the community, friends, and relatives. The obituary helps you to know about the achievements of the deceased person in a good manner.

Free Obituary Templates:



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How to Write an Obituary?

There are several steps to writing an obituary:

An obituary is always brief containing the news of death, a short bio of a person, funeral details and timings, and a request for contribution if needed. A question arises here who should write an obituary?

It is suggested that a deceased person’s close one should write an obituary because he is the one who knows him personally and was very close to him. No one could write properly with full emotions other than him. It’s a moment when emotions are in full-on bloom and he could write it very well. Funerals are extremely emotional events, don’t be afraid to show emotion. You can put them while writing.

It allows you remind the cherishing moments with your loved one.

  • Decide where you want to publish the obituary: Different newspapers have their own format to accept obituaries so decide on the publishing paper by keeping in mind their cost also. Some charge as per line some as per column. So write in a way they accept it.
  • Gather all the important information: While writing an obituary you should have all the necessary info, don’t skip anything.

You may consult with some friends or other members of the family to make a story of the dead one’s hobbies and accomplishments.

  • Write it: choose the appropriate style and format of the obituary you can use an obituary template also. Carefully check the spelling, and rammer and let someone other read it to make sure it’s readable.
  • Choose a photo: select a picture by which people could recognize the deceased person and try to select a photo of a smiling face. Make it a pleasant one by using editing or Photoshop it by a professional photographer.

Name (actual name, nickname, surname, and birth name)

Current residence, old residence, location of birth and death

The Announcement of Death:

Firstly, you should use a phrase to denote the death of an individual. Add the date and place of the death in it. You should also include the reason for the death. Choose your words carefully while creating an announcement. It should give a feeling of sadness to the readers.


Add a short biography of the person in the obituary. Write about the names of parents, education, the professional life of the person, and something important that he/she has performed for the country. Add all the life events of the person. This is not a legal document, so you can add all the details that are necessary and looks unique to you. Try to portray a memorable picture of the person’s life. Never forget to add the state that inspired the community.


Writing about the family of the deceased person. Describe the feeling of sadness the relatives have after the death of the deceased person. You should start this section from closed relatives such as parents, siblings, wives, and children. Explain their feelings of sadness and their condition after the death of the deceased person.


This section includes information about the time, date, and location after consulting with the funeral director. This section is very necessary to tell the people about the date, time, and location for visitation.

Add Any special message:

Adding a special message is a good way of ending it. Nowadays, it is very common to add some phrases at the end such as we will always carry your memory in our hearts. This is the best way for summing up the obituary.


This is very compulsorily to add the photo of the deceased person. It is the best reminder for people. With the help of this people can recognize their relatives easily. Make it easy to read and expressive for the people so they can easily read and understand it.

Here we have listed some high-quality obituary templates that you can use. They all are free and editable. With their help of them, you can easily create an obituary according to your needs. It is very easy to download these templates by just clicking on the download button available below all the templates. Publish it one or two days before the held date of the funeral so that friends and family could make arrangements for flowers or donations if needed and they can attend the funeral ceremony on the time.