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Wedding is an important event in everyone’s life, and it’s very much important to plan it in a good way because it’s a lifetime memory you create. There are many ways to a plan wedding, (to manage guests and budget). One should keep in mind each and every small or large element regarding wedding and that’s why planning is necessary. No matter how well you have planned a wedding budget, be prepare for overages for small items may you need on the spot i.e. Extra lights, second gown for wedding, photo-shoot.

Wedding date: It’s an important part of a wedding. Choose a date feasible to bride, groom as well as  other close family and friends either they having important business tour or meeting on same dates or not. Make sure your important guests are free on those dates or inform them before so they won’t indulge in any other task that day.

Wedding Guests: It is the most vital part of a wedding, guests come first. Keep in mind the approximate no. of guests you are going to invite and make a list on a paper then overlook it before finalizing then make it certain on your laptop or any other electronic device to keep a record of guest list.You cannot decide venue and budget before making a guest list. So, it’s time to think that whom you would like to invite, take opinion from your parents either they want to invite only their close relatives only. Make three list

  1. Family member list
  2. Friends list
  3. List of people whom you have added but you aren’t sure to invite them.

Then look on your budget, how many people you can afford .There are some persons you know they won’t be able to attend your wedding, you can skip them and the persons whom you have not met since years or some may be shifted to other countries and are not so close you can also skip them as well to manage you guest list with budget. Then you ll need to confirm their addresses and phone numbers and make sure of their residence (shifted or transferred).

After finalizing the list of members you invite, another important thing come is their accommodation, check out the different hotels offering you discount and talk to them about your wedding dates and request them to give your guests transportation as well, during wedding hours so they don’t face any difficulty in arriving. Most of the wedding venues give you hotel facility near by their location. You can select a venue which offers an accommodation and transportation as well.

Collection RSVPs: Collecting RSVPs is the most crucial part. But don’t make it so stressful. Simply allow your guests to RSVP makes easier for you and for them both.

After sending wedding cards, make a call or email your guests of your finalized date and RSVP contact number and make them remind to attend a wedding.

Wedding venue:

Decide a venue which is easily accessible to you as well as your close relatives, check the different things before you decide a venue, their prices and the deals they offer either they are giving you transportation, accommodation of guests and proper wedding meals menu with décor, lighting, and photoshoot.if you find a venue which gives you all the facilities and taking extra cost for them then it’s okay to finalize it because it will save your time and keep you away from stress and burden.

Talk to wedding caterers and photographers:

Before signing a contract, talk to wedding caterers of what meal would be the best for wedding reception and give them instruction if you want any specification in your meal because it’s the major part of a whole wedding and also tell them that how many vendors you need to serve the guests .Make sure a day or two before wedding that is everything is going right, or you missing something. Talking to a photographer is also necessary instruct them what type of shoot you and your spouse want, professional, cultural, indoor or outdoor. Take suggestions from them too. And make notes of the things to make yourself remind about the meals, shoot, venue, menu, and other things.

Leave room in your wallet and budget;

Don’t pay too much for everything its quiet okay to choose the things in an average amount to balance your budget.You can choose some cheap flowers and décor which does not seem to be cheap and can balance a budget by choosing a musician who charge less than other.dont try to make each and everything perfect by spending extra amount on miscellaneous things. Keep them affordable.

Be ready for surprise expenses like extra printing due to mistakes, extra tailoring cost, umbrellas for a rainy day etc.

Managing mails: Sending wedding cards is a hectic task of a wedding .choose a specific stamp of your wedding and post a wedding card at least 15 days before wedding so that due to any problem it could not cause a delay.

Prepare yourself for rejection: Almost 20% of people would not attend wedding due to location, their busy routine, out station, sickness or any other excuse, so be prepare for this.

Stepping down the things: Once you have scheduled your wedding, step by step look on the tasks and complete them logically, shopping, guests, menu, accommodation etc.

Design your wedding outfit: it’s the most important day of your life so choose an outfit which is most comfortable as well as meeting the wedding criteria, its best to take your best buddy with you on shopping.

Wedding checklist :( do’s and don’ts) Get your checklist checked after each day when you are rushing to the wedding date and mark them as do or don’t to remember the things or mistakes not to do.

Pay attention to your guests: seat them in a way that they could see and hear you while sitting on their seats. And pay attention means to check or hire someone specially to check on guests if they needed something .Greet them properly and say thanks to them for coming on your wedding. Arrange mic and screen for the people who are sitting far behind.

In conclusion:

Planning a wedding can be a fun if you use right tools on right time. They will help you to go on a long way sometimes will be overwhelming but rewarding.

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