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A Graph Paper, also known as coordinate, square or grid paper, is having very fine lines printed on it making up a grid like formation. The lines run from top to bottom and from left to right side, covering the paper entirely with boxes, circle, rectangles, triangles etc. Their notebooks and separate leafs are easily available in stores. They can also be downloaded from computer. The basic use of such papers is to make different type of graphs and drawings.

Mostly graph papers with squares are used. However, there are numerous other shapes are available such as triangular, compacted circles, wulff net, twill, overlapping circles, Cornell note paper, tessellated, spaced circles, brick designs etc. The squares on graph papers could be of various sizes depending upon the requirement of the user. They may vary from 1 line/inch to 24 lines/inch. Also there are different formats of graphs papers available depending upon the type of end users. The formats are named as millimeter paper, hexagonal paper, engineering paper, normal probability paper, polar coordinate paper, isometric graph paper, quad paper etc. Graph papers are also categorized on the basis of the different type of uses. For example; semi-log papers, Cartesian paper, polar graph paper, unusual paper.

Graph papers are used by mathematicians and engineers since ages. It dates back to 18th century. In 1794, a very first graph paper with rectangular grids was published. Dr. Buxton from England had the copyrights of this paper. Later on, after about a century, a Professor from University of Chicago stressed upon the use of graph papers with square lines, especially by the students who were getting higher education in universities. H. S. Hall and S. R. Knight, in their book ‘Algebra for Beginners’ (1906 Edition), advocated the use of good quality graph papers. In 1919, H. S. Hall and F. H. Stevens wrote a book called ‘A School Arithmetic’ in which they discussed a chapter related to use of graph papers. W. A. Wilson and J. A. Tracey, in 1937, published a book on ‘Analytical Geometry’ in which graph papers were discussed. Britishers also frequently used the term squared paper frequently in their books such as the book published by W. M. Baker and A. A. Bourne in 1961 named ‘Public School Arithmetic’.

Graph papers are generally used for drawing graphs with x-axis and y-axis, for presenting statistical charts and plotting science and engineering experimental data. It is mostly used for graphing by engineering and mathematics students. Different home, landscape, art and craft projects require the use of graph papers. Essentially, graph papers help us to properly list our data and make it easy for us to explain it to someone. In essence, one can use graph papers for any project related to work, home and school.

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