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Download these 8 Free Study Schedule Templates in MS Excel format to assist you in managing your study program efficiently and achieve your goals. Alternatively, you can also checkout our collection of Daily Schedule Templates and Itinerary Templates.

Studying is a vital part of life for all of us and even if you are not a student anymore, education continues until you take your last breath. You always learn new things every single day. Students, who have to study half a dozen of subjects every day in each semester, find it difficult to prioritize important or difficult subjects or they simply can’t seem to have time for study at all. A study schedule sheet is a very common document used by the students to prioritize subjects and make room for other activities as well. It is also known as education or study planner and it’s a simple tool that let you divide available hours of each day into sections and decide what you will study in each section.

Key Elements of a Study Schedule Sheet:

  • Decide if it should be weekly basis or monthly basis
  • Make separate column for each day of the week
  • Divide available hours of each day in separate row
  • Include extra activities i.e. traveling to and from school
  • Mention name of the subject as per their priority
  • Leave some space empty at the bottom for notes or revisions


Free Study Schedule Templates

Here is our collection of Free Study Schedule Templates in MS Word format to assist you in preparing your own schedule quickly.

Study Schedule Template 01

Here is download link for this Study Schedule Template in MS Excel format.

Checkout following Weekly Study Schedule Template to help you manage your own Study Schedule easily. It divides whole day into several half an hour intervals to help you plan your daily study activities effectively.

Study Schedule Template 02

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If you are a student and want to plan your School Assignments then following Schedule Sheet can help you to plan and organize your Assignments effectively. This Weekly Assignment Schedule Template can assist you to take notes as well according to the days of working.


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Here is another simple Weekly Study Schedule Template to allocate necessary days for your study accordingly.


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Checkout this multi section Study Schedule in MS Word format that can allow you to prepare your own Academic Schedule quickly.


Download this Study Schedule Template in MS Word format.

This is a Weekly Calendar that allows you to mark and plan your routine study schedule as per your own preferences. You can quickly change colors of this template to suit your aesthetics. Similarly, you can also change dates mentioned in the start of weekdays according to your own dates. Checkout preview of this simple yet effective Weekly Schedule Template in MS Word Format.


Download this Weekly Study Schedule in MS Word format.

Another similar Weekly Study Calendar Template that can enable you to allocate half an hour intervals to your study objectives. Moreover, you can easily change color scheme to suit your likeness and get maximum benefit from this Study Calendar Template. Here is preview of this free Study Calendar Template.


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Important Factors to Consider while preparing a Study Schedule Sheet:

  1. Understand your way of learning:
    There might be some time when you think why I can’t learn this subject or there is something wrong with me as I can’t grab the idea of this theorem when everyone else understands it easily. The problem that many students don’t understand is that there are different methods of learning and you need to evaluate yourself to check which method suits you. It’s possible that you an aural learner, a verbal learner, a visual learner or a practical learner. Before preparing a study schedule, you should be clear about your learning habits.
  2. Set the goals:
    There is a popular saying that when you want to run, you have to start by walking and taking the first step. Further, it explains that in order to run, you need to take small steps in the beginning and then gradually increase your speed. The same thing goes with study schedules and setting goals. If you set difficult goals, not only that not achieving them will disappoint you but you will also overwhelm yourself. In order to use the study schedule to your favor, you need to set realistic and simple goals in the beginning.
  3. Prioritize subjects:
    Another important factor to keep in mind while preparing an education schedule sheet is to prioritize the subjects. It’s possible that you find some books easy to learn while some concepts are difficult to grab and there should be some subjects that are more important than others. In either case, you should analyze what subjects are the most important ones so you can spend more time with those books.
  4. Get a partner if possible:
    When it comes to learning or studying, nothing can beat the fact that having a study partner is always a good idea. There might be some people who learn better if they are alone and isolated but in general, group studies show great improvement. If possible, ask a friend or classmate to study with you. While preparing the study schedule sheet, if you can have group study, make sure to include their thoughts on the schedule setting as well.
  5. Don’t overdo it:
    It is a common dilemma that when students make study schedule sheets, they usually don’t make room for other activities i.e. rest, sleep or some playing time outside. The problem with following a full time study schedule is that it can make your overwhelm very quickly. This is why when you are preparing a study schedule, keep in mind that you still need to sleep, eat regular meals and spend some time outside for a while.
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