50 Free Power of Attorney Forms & Templates (Durable, Medical)

Nobody prays to become incapacitated to the extent that another person takes important decisions for him/her. However, it turns out that such scenario happens many times, and in many cases, the people involved wished they’d planned for such possibility. A Power of Attorney is a legal document that you can deploy to ensure that someone is officially designated to make important decisions usually over your property, welfare and finances when you are incapable of doing so. The person that gives such authority is known as the donor, granter or the principal.

First, we need to clear the doubt about who’s qualified to be an attorney. An attorney could be a friend, a relative or any other person you can trust. He/she needs not be a lawyer before they can be nominated as your attorney. However, it is expected that the person must be 18 years and/or above. It is also necessary to emphasize the fact that the ownership of your properties and finances is not compromised as your attorney only stands to represent you. He/she can only take the decision if you become incapable of doing the same.

Now, how do you prepare a perfect Power of Attorney?

Preparing a Perfect Power of Attorney

First, you need to prepare a legal document that states the range of power granted to the attorney by you. This will include the time and circumstances upon which he/she can use such powers, the duration, the details of delegations and documentations he/she needs to keep ensuring accountability. It should be approved by a solicitor and a qualified medical person (in case of a health-related powers issue is considered). The solicitor needs to interview both parties and certify that neither of them is acting under any duress and coerced to take the decision on the Power of Attorney. Furthermore, you will need to sign the Power of Attorney document to show that you willingly and consciously undertake the action.

The attorney must be someone that the granter could trust or, has been proven to be capable of undertaking the acts prescribed in the documents. Lastly, the attorney will only be able to act when the circumstances prescribed in the document happened and only if the document is registered by the designated body.

Powers That May Be Included in a Power Of Attorney

The attorney can take business decisions like running the granter’s business, deciding on expansion and business operations. He/she can make financial decisions like payments, receipts of benefits, rights, pension and so on. An attorney can also repay loans, debts and lend out when necessary. An attorney can sell/let out/buy properties on behalf of the principal. He can receive money due on properties let out.

A nominated attorney can open, close and operate the granter’s accounts after being verified by the financial institutions by the Power of Attorney document rules. The person bestowed with the Power of Attorney must act in your best interest always. Clear records of transactions and decisions taken must be well documented for verification. Lastly, the Power of Attorney terminates at the points of death and the state of the granter will be disbursed as directed in his/her will.

Here is our collection of 50 Free Power of Attorney Forms & Templates (Durable, Medical),


Download power of attorney 01


Download power of attorney 02


Download power of attorney 03


Download power of attorney 04


Download power of attorney 05


Download power of attorney 06


Download power of attorney 07


Download power of attorney 08


Download power of attorney 09


Download power of attorney 10


Download power of attorney 11


Download power of attorney 12


Download power of attorney 13


Download power of attorney 14


Download power of attorney 15


Download power of attorney 16


Download power of attorney 17


Download power of attorney 18


Download power of attorney 19


Download power of attorney 20


Download power of attorney 21


Download power of attorney 22


Download power of attorney 23


Download power of attorney 24 


Download power of attorney 25


Download power of attorney 26


Download power of attorney 27


Download power of attorney 28


Download power of attorney 29


Download power of attorney 30


Download power of attorney 31


Download power of attorney 32


Download power of attorney 33


Download power of attorney 34


Download power of attorney 35


Download power of attorney 36


Download power of attorney 37


Download power of attorney 38


Download power of attorney 39


Download power of attorney 40


Download power of attorney 41


Download power of attorney 42


Download power of attorney 43


Download power of attorney 44


Download power of attorney 45


Download power of attorney 46


Download power of attorney 47


Download power of attorney 48


Download power of attorney 49


Download power of attorney 50

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