25+ Free Obituary Templates and Samples

An Obituary is a news of dead person published in newspaper along with his personal life’s information and upcoming funeral details. Mostly obituary is written for significant people rather than normal public. It includes a brief history of their life, their achievements and news of funeral so that interested ones can attend and pray. Obituary is mostly written by the closed one of a dead person.

Losing a loved one is disastrous and it’s a lot difficult for him to write although he is already suffering from grief due to death. Sometimes a false report of death is given by media or by other social network, it is called premature obituary. It’s because the person was so close to death but survived and one main reason is the miscommunication between the different newspapers and family of a person.

Many organization and media related companies make pre edited and prewritten obituaries for whom who might close to death and when needed they edit it again.it saves media time and can be reported shortly after the death.

The purpose of writing an obituary is for people who do not see the dead person every day or don’t know personally him/her give a chance for them to know the expired person and his personal life. Like his/her real name, birth place, married life, kids, residence.

Question arises who should write an obituary?

It is suggested that a deceased person’s closed one should write an obituary because he is the one who knows him personally and was very close to him. No one could write properly with full emotions other than him .it’s a moment when emotions are full on bloom and he could write it very well. Funerals are extremely emotional event, don’t be afraid to show emotion.you can put them while writing.

How to Write an Obituary?

There are several steps of writing an obituary.

Obituary is always brief containing the news of death, short bio of a person, funeral details and timings, request of contribution if needed.

It allows you remind the cherishing moments with your loved one.

  • Decide where you want to publish obituary: different newspapers have their own format to accept obituaries so decide the publishing paper by keeping in mind their cost also. Some charge as per line some as per column.so write in a way they accept it.
  • Gather all the important information: while writing an obituary you should have all necessary info, don’t skip anything.

Name (actual name, nick name, surname, and birth name)

Current residence, old residence, location of birth and death


  • Funeral details (where and when services will be held)
  • Requesting for contribution: request others if they want to contribute in funeral like flowers or other donations.

You may consult with some friends or other members of family to make a story of dead ones hobbies and accomplishments.

  • Write it: choose appropriate style and format of obituary you can use obituary template also. Carefully check the spellings, rammer and let someone other to read it to make sure it’s readable.
  • Choose photo: select a picture by which people could recognize the deceased person and try select a photo of a smiling face. Make it pleasant one by using editing or Photoshop it by professional photographer

Publish it one or two days before the held date of funeral so that friends and family could make arrangements of flowers or donations if needed.

Here is our collection of 25+ Obituary Templates and Samples,


Download Obituary Template Word 01


Download Obituary Template Word 02


Download Obituary Template Word 03


Download Obituary Template Word 04


Download Obituary Template Word 05


Download Obituary Template Word 06


Download Obituary Template Word 07


Download Obituary Template Word 08


Download Obituary Template Word 09


Download Obituary Template Word 10


Download Obituary Template Word 11


Download Obituary Template Word 12


Download Obituary Template Word 13


Download Obituary Template Word 14


Download Obituary Template Word 15


Download Obituary Template Word 16 


Download Obituary Template Word 17


Download Obituary Template Word 18


Download Obituary Template Word 19


Download Obituary Template Word 20


Download Obituary Template Word 21


Download Obituary Template Word 22


Download Obituary Template Word 23


Download Obituary Template Word 24


Download Obituary Template Word 25


Download Obituary Template Word 26

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