25 Free Marathon Pace Charts (+ Half Marathon Pace Chart)

For runners, the difference between finishing a race and failing halfway through often lies in pacing. To that end, using a Marathon Pace Chart is an important tool in determining the pace one should set for a particular race and how long it will take them to finish that race.

For example, if a first time runner is at their first marathon, it would be beneficial for them to know a good pace to set in order for them to finish in a respectable amount of time without tiring out halfway through. Some runners at their first race will push themselves too hard. They will tire halfway through the race and may not be able to finish. However, if they establish a good pace at the very beginning, their chances of finishing the race are much greater.

Marathons are difficult for the most part because they are so very long. 26.2 miles is a long way to travel on foot. While many achieve it every year, there are many others who don’t. One of the major reasons for this is not setting a good pace. A Marathon Pace Chart lets you set how long, on average, it takes you to run one mile. It will then add together how long it will take you to get through the entire marathon. On average, a 4 hour marathon is viewed as a very quick pace. Going at a slower pace will take longer. But for a person on their first marathon it is advisable to go slower than they used to from the very beginning.

Most people can get through one mile rather quickly. But when added up on a Marathon Pace Chart, one quickly realizes that they will be running for hours instead of minutes. It’s one thing to be able to clear a mile in seven minutes. It’s quite another to try to keep up that pace through twenty six miles. Also, as one runs twenty six miles, they will slow down at least to a degree. Some Marathon Pace Charts and calculators allow for that so that runners can get an accurate idea about how long they will be running in a given marathon.

This is not only an important tool for the race day itself, but for the weeks and months leading up to the race day when training for the marathon. While building up endurance and stamina, one can track their average pace and will be able to determine if it is one that can be kept up over the length of a marathon track. If it’s not, they can adjust accordingly. The whole pointing of training up for a marathon is to build the endurance and stamina needed to get through. Using a Marathon Pace Chart will help a runner understand the length of time they will be running and just how long and how far they will be going so that they can prepare appropriately.

Marathons are the challenge of a lifetime. Runners love pushing their bodies to the limits and discovering how much farther and faster they can go. A marathon pace tracker can help them in their quest to complete a marathon without serious harm to themselves.

Here is our collection of 25 Free Marathon Pace Charts (+ Half Marathon Pace Chart),


Download marathon pace chart 01


Download marathon pace chart 02


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Download marathon pace chart 11marathon-pace-chart-12

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