33 Free Credit Score Charts & Ranges

A Credit Score Chart is a tool used to determine the level of one’s credit. A person’s credit score affects one’s eligibility to get loans, make large purchases, apply for lines of credit on credit cards, and determines interest rates on loans and credit cards. Using a Credit Score Chart can help in determining the level of your credit.

When determining one’s credit score, five factors need to be taken into account: types of debt you have taken on, types of new debt you have taken on, how long you have been in debt, the amount of debt you are in, and your total debt history. As you can imagine, these are not divided evenly. They are divided as follows:

  • Types of debt: 10%
  • Types of new debt: 10%
  • How long you have been in debt: 15%
  • Amount of debt: 30%
  • Debt history: 35%

All these numbers calculated together will determine your FICO score. Your FICO score can range from 300-850. Higher numbers mean a better credit score. And lenders are more likely to lend you money to help with your expenses. If your score is low, lenders will consider you a risk and will be less likely to lend to you.

Different credit reporting agencies use different formulas to determine your credit score. This can be frustrating because this will mean that you will have different credit scores from each. Sometimes they are slightly different and other times more radically different. Keep in mind that lenders will be looking at several reports every time you apply.

With these numbers in mind, look at a variety of Credit Score Charts in order to determine what your credit will look like to lenders. Unfortunately there is no set Credit Score Chart that all lenders use. However, after looking at a few, one can make a guess at how your credit will look to those you are trying to borrow from. In general, these are the levels that your credit score can be ranked at:

Excellent Credit: 800-850 – At this level, it’s guaranteed that you will be approved and you will have the lowest interest rates.

Very Good Credit: 750-799 – At this level, it’s almost as certain that you will be approved as someone with credit that is in the 800s. Some creditors will count 750 and above as Excellent credit. It just all depends on who you are borrowing from.

Good Credit: 700-749 – At this level, you will probably be approved, but your interest rates might not be ideal.

Fair Credit: 650-699 – At this level, you will probably find it more difficult to obtain credit or a loan. If making a purchase, you will be asked to give a larger down payment and will have higher interest rates.

Poor Credit: 600-649 – At this level, you will probably need a cosigner to get any kind of loan or financing on a purchase. When you have fair credit, lenders will look at your credit report more closely. But when it’s this bad, they won’t be looking at the details. They will just turn you down.

Bad Credit: 300-599 – At this level, it’s pretty much a given that you won’t be getting credit or making any large purchases without a cosigner or collateral of some kind.

When pulling your credit score, try to at least pull from at least the three credit reporting companies. Each of these has a different range of numbers that your credit score can be at. For example, the Equifax range can be from 280-850, the Experian range can be from 360-840, and the TransUnion range can be from 300-850. Look at each of these and then use a Credit Score Chart in order to determine where your credit ranks when you are about to take out a loan or make a major purchase.

Here is our collection of 33 Free Credit Score Charts & Ranges. What is a good credit score?


Download credit score chart 01 


Download credit score chart 02


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Download credit score chart 08


Download credit score chart 09


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Download credit score chart 31


Download credit score chart 32

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