40 Simple Food Diary Templates & Food Log Examples

Food Diary is a detailed record of food and drink. It is a daily record of food taken. It can make changes to your diet and lose weight. Food Diary helps you and your doctor to understand the eating habits. Food Diary gives you an accurate idea of what you eat every day. It is a good way to gain control to your diet every day. If you have medical issues then Food Diary becomes more important to you. Doctors always recommend you to make a Food Diary. It can also help you manage your diet and lose weight accordingly. Here you can find information about Food Diary Uses & Applications.

We should include different sections in your daily Food Diary. Make a section of how much you eat in a day along with the amount of calories you take in a day. This can be measured in volume, weight and number of items. The second section is what type of food you take. Also do not forget to write extras; for example butter, ketchup etc. and then make a section of when you take that food. Timing of taking food is very important.  Make another section and add activity in it. Write the activity you have done after taking food.

The easiest way to know or track what you eat in a whole day is to set up your diary or notebook. You will need to keep the track of date, time and items you eat. You can also use an app or online tracking device for this short document which helps you to save your daily diet plan. You can see information on Food Diary Uses & Applications on internet so easily and quickly. You can record everything you eat and drink in a day. Always use easy words in making your Food Diary. Also add the extras which you take in a whole day. Do not forget to add snacks you eat in a day; they also count!

In your Food Diary, also add the total quantity of water or other drinkables which you have taken in a whole day. Make a separate section of water and add here the amount of water which you have taken in a day (i.e. litters).The main use of Food Diary is that we learn how to control your daily calorie consumption. The first thing is to understand the source of calories which you are taking. Calories also include breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and proteins. These three nutrients provide energy to your body. You should also provide a hard objective record of your daily food routine. From this thing you will know exactly how and what you are eating. You can find information about Food Diary Uses & Applications really helpful for you.

Through using Food diary, you can also figure out how many calories are required for you in a day. If you are taking more calories than your body can burn, you are gaining weight. Calculating your calories is little tricky. When you go to nutritionist, the first thing he asks is to make a food journal. This helps you to analyze your eating habits.

Here is our collection of 40 Simple Food Diary Templates & Food Log Examples,


Download Food Diary Template 01 


Download Food Diary Template 02


Download Food Diary Template 03


Download Food Diary Template 04


Download Food Diary Template 05


Download Food Diary Template 06


Download Food Diary Template 07


Download Food Diary Template 08


Download Food Diary Template 09


Download Food Diary Template 10


Download Food Diary Template 11


Download Food Diary Template 12


Download Food Diary Template 13


Download Food Diary Template 14


Download Food Diary Template 15


Download Food Diary Template 16


Download Food Diary Template 17


Download Food Diary Template 18


Download Food Diary Template 19


Download Food Diary Template 20


Download Food Diary Template 21


Download Food Diary Template 22


Download Food Diary Template 23


Download Food Diary Template 24


Download Food Diary Template 25


Download Food Diary Template 26


Download Food Diary Template 27


Download Food Diary Template 28


Download Food Diary Template 29


Download Food Diary Template 30


Download Food Diary Template 31


Download Food Diary Template 32 


Download Food Diary Template 33


Download Food Diary Template 34


Download Food Diary Template 35


Download Food Diary Template 36


Download Food Diary Template 37


Download Food Diary Template 38


Download Food Diary Template 40

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