30 Free Genogram Templates & Symbols

Genogram Diagram defines the structure of a person’s family relationship and medical history. This is the diagram which records family members and shows how they relate to each other. Here the question arises why it is important to create Genogram Diagram – how to start drawing? The main purpose of Genogram Diagram is to focus on the type of your family information. From here you can easily get information about Genogram Diagrams – How to Start Drawing? Genogram can also be called as family research diagram because in this diagram all the detailed data of family members are included.

Here you can find information on Genogram Diagrams – How to Start Drawing? There are many common genogram symbols which denote the family relationship. This diagram use different symbols for male and females. In Genogram Diagram, female family members are represented by circles and male family members are represented by squares. Unfortunately if any person in your family has died, you can draw an X through their symbol. If a woman is pregnant, it is usually represented with a triangle and if it is a miscarriage then put X through the triangle.

A Genogram Diagram can be very helpful in determining a certain characteristic or disease. Genogram also have unique symbols for those people who are suffering from some disease. It contains symbols to denote different diseases like diabetes and cancers. Here you can see Genogram Diagrams – How to Start Drawing? If you are using smart draw, start it by opening genogram template. Before making Genogram Diagram, you must focus on the thing how many generations you need to represent in your Genogram Diagram. This will give you ideas who will you need to approach for gathering information from the family. You can also use different communication devices like Skype and other devices to get in touch with your family members. You should decide how many generations you need to add in genogram and this will give you an idea of who you need to contact to gather information appropriately.

You can also modify, add or delete some shapes from this diagram. Firstly select a shape and add parent category shape in the small panel and add it to your family unit. For example if you want to add one child in your Genogram Diagram then click on the Add Child button of your template. This will add child to your chart. The gender will be denoted by shapes. The gender will depend on which shape you have selected from genogram library.

There are many common uses of Genogram Diagram. Genograms are useful in study of diseases and social interaction. You can gather information about Genogram Diagrams – How to Start Drawing so quickly from internet. A Genogram Diagram shows the emotional relationship between a family and social unit. Genealogists are able to use Genogram Diagram to document complex family tree. It is like a family map which shows all the information about living and number of pregnant or dead people of your family. It can include three or more generations basically.

Here is our collection of 30 Free Genogram Templates & Symbols,


Download Genogram Template 01 


Download Genogram Template 02


Download Genogram Template 03


Download Genogram Template 04


Download Genogram Template 05


Download Genogram Template 06


Download Genogram Template 07


Download Genogram Template 08


Download Genogram Template 09


Download Genogram Template 10


Download Genogram Template 11


Download Genogram Template 12


Download Genogram Template 13


Download Genogram Template 14


Download Genogram Template 15


Download Genogram Template 16


Download Genogram Template 17


Download Genogram Template 18


Download Genogram Template 19


Download Genogram Template 20


Download Genogram Template 21


Download Genogram Template 22


Download Genogram Template 23


Download Genogram Template 24


Download Genogram Template 25


Download Genogram Template 26


Download Genogram Template 27


Download Genogram Template 28


Download Genogram Template 29


Download Genogram Template 30

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