30+ Itinerary Templates (Travel, Vacation, Trip, Flight)

Itinerary in tourism or in travel means a planned or a scheduled routine of a trip. It is the most essential part of a trip either it’s a road trip or any other. Itinerary provides detail of a trip, Its like a guide book to which one would have to follow during the trips and travel. Planning a trip is important because without planning it could be a disaster. To make your trip successful as well as to fulfill the purpose of your trip, itinerary plays a great role.

The key components of travel itinerary are as follows:

  1. Interest:

Itinerary should be based on interest .Interest depends on tourist, your destination of interest should be the one which attract the tourists to visit, it should be capable of attracting maximum people. Must keep in mind the place you are going to or taking others, you must have a sufficient knowledge about, its merits and demerits of visiting. Focus on area’s local culture so that you can guide you tourists regarding the environment and atmosphere.

  1. Budget and cost:

Budget is the major element of itinerary, you should decide the place and accommodations within the required budget and should have an idea of meeting the required expenses.

3: Name your tour:

After deciding the destination and budget, choose an attractive and unique name for your tour related to the places your are going to visit. If possible, create a board of images of desired locations to enhance more attraction i.e.moutains, hiking track, camps, bonfire, and waterfalls, snow hiking, paragliding images etc.

4: Highlight major locations:

Enlist the major locations and areas which you will come across during your tour so that one could go through the idea of locations to be travelled.

5: Duration and details about departure/arrival:

  • How many days and nights?
  • How many persons are going?
  • How many persons are going to share your room and accessories?
  • What time you are departing from which place and when you are arriving and also give a drop off location?
  • Name of residence (hotel name or camping location etc.)
  • Is that a five star or 4 star hotel, or camps are provided by you or one should bring its own?

6: List of detailed plan of each day:

Give an each day detailed plan by date, time and brief the visiting areas of that particular day.

7: Services you providing and what is inclusive and exclusive of your service:

Entry tickets (if any)

Jeep or train rents

Paragliding or tolls

8: Complete details of specific things:

Meals (mention the meal menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner timings)

Wake up alarms

Morning calls

Gathering point

Weather information

Personal clothing (winter or summer clothes, rain coats, etc)

Guide tourists if any equipment needed during travel (torch light, hikingequipment.camps, photography, phone call bills, life jackets, swimming costume etc)

9: Transportation exclusive of your service

Mention if you going through the service other than your usual vehicle.eg, train, jeep, lifts, boating or option of hiking

10: Perfect your timings:

Make sure that you can manage time according to the given plan and tell other participants too to be on time as per plan.

11: Payment methods:

Either you are taking cash only or via Debit cards .you taking payments in advance to confirm the booking and also give the proper bank account details on top of your itinerary plan.

12: In case of emergency:

Mention if you are giving the first aid if emergency occurs.

13: Test drive your itinerary:

Once you have planned an itinerary, once and last have a look on it to check if you are missing something to mention and invite some knowledgeable person for suggestions is beneficial for a safe trip.

Here is our collection of 30+ Itinerary Templates (Travel, Vacation, Trip, Flight),


Download Itinerary 01


Download Itinerary 02


Download Itinerary 03


Download Itinerary 04


Download Itinerary 05


Download Itinerary 06


Download Itinerary 07


Download Itinerary 08


Download Itinerary 09


Download Itinerary 10


Download Itinerary 11


Download Itinerary 12


Download Itinerary 13


Download Itinerary 14


Download Itinerary 15


Download Itinerary 16


Download Itinerary 17


Download Itinerary 18


Download Itinerary 19


Download Itinerary 20


Download Itinerary 21


Download Itinerary 22 


Download Itinerary 23


Download Itinerary 24


Download Itinerary 25


Download Itinerary 26


Download Itinerary 27


Download Itinerary 28


Download Itinerary 29


Download Itinerary 30


Download Itinerary 31


Download Itinerary 32

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