MS Word Brochure Templates


Brochures are leaflets that are used to circulate information to the majority of the target audience. They are also a good way of marketing your brand to the public and one of the best ways of relaying information. For this purpose, we have a collection of our best Brochure Templates that are created in MS Word documents.

A brochure is a sheet containing information about the product, event, menu, or something else. It is a new marketing strategy to capture the attention of the market towards your product. This is the most convenient way of doing the advertisement. You can use it in various fields such as in restaurants, schools, and businesses. With its help of it, you can attract many new customers to your product. It is the cheapest mean of advertisement.

Why Brochure Needed in Advertising Business?

To enhance your business and to reach more customers, it is very necessary to do the advertisement in a good way. The use of a brochure is the most appealing and attractive way for getting the attention of the customers. In this present age, a good-looking and appealing brochure is very necessary for your company. If you don’t have one then don’t worry and create an eye-catching brochure for yourself. Starting from a blank document will be time-consuming. So you should use pre-designed templates to create a brochure. You just have to select the right template according to the type of your business. After that, you have to enter the details of your business in it and your brochure will be ready in a matter of minutes. We have provided some high-quality templates in this post that you can consider will creating a brochure.

However, there are different types of brochures. These include electronic brochures and printed brochures. Electronic brochures are available in soft copy and online while printed brochures are available offline and in hard copy. Brochures? Keep reading to find out the difference between using electronic /printed brochures.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Brochures:


These days most people spend their time online. Therefore, using an electronic brochure is a good way to reach them. You can choose to make a deal with various websites so you can pop your ads on their sites. The advantage of using electronic brochures is that you can use them across multiple sites and they increase your chances of visibility.


Using electronic brochures has the disadvantage of reaching out to a limited audience. When compared to printed brochures, unless you are targeting an online audience, then printed brochures are the way to go.

Free MS Word Brochure Templates:



The download button for this Educational Brochure Template Vol-01 is here.




Here’s the download button for this Educational Brochure Template Vol-02.




The download button for this Educational Brochure Template Vol-03 is here.




Here’s the download button for this Security Brochure Template Vol-01.




The download button for this Security Brochure Template Vol-02 is here.




Here’s the download button for this Security Brochure Template Vol-03.



Advantages of Using Printed Brochures:

Using Printed Brochures comes with several advantages. Some of them are outlined below:

They can be easily distributed:

You can easily distribute brochures during social events and other functions in print form. They can be given to children to take to their parents. If you are aiming at a larger audience, then the use of Printed Brochures is the way to go.

They are lightweight:

This is an added advantage of Printed Brochures in that they can be issued out to people and they won’t mind carrying them. They are not cumbersome to move around and therefore large numbers can be easily transported for distribution.

They do not require much space:

Printed Brochures take up very little space. Therefore, you can easily display them on your office desk. They can also be displayed at strategic places so as to double up both as an advertisement and as decorations. They can even be carried in the breast pocket or the back pocket of your pants.

Comparison of Uses of Electronic Vs. Printed Brochures:

When it comes to brochures, using Printed Brochures is better than using Electronic Brochures. The only limitation that they have is that you can not use them to reach an online audience. Therefore, when aiming at achieving the maximum benefits of using brochures, it is necessary that you use both Electronic and Printed Brochures. This will put you in a better position to maximize your audience, both online and offline.

In conclusion, it is important to understand your target audience before choosing whether to use Electronic Brochures or Printed Brochures. For example, if your aim is to advertise your website, then an Electronic Brochure would be the best way to go. However, if your aim is to advertise your products and services or an upcoming event, then the best way to do it is to use both Electronic and Printed Brochures.

Benefits of Brochures:

Easy to Use:

It is very easy to distribute brochures to the people. You can easily hand over them to all the people of an area and can drop them in the houses of a specific area. It is very easy to carry the brochures and the customers can also read them easily anywhere.


The use of brochures for the advertisement of your products is very cost-effective. You can easily create brochures for your products for a very low amount. The bulk purchase of brochures also reduces the cost which is very beneficial for all of us. In this way, brochures allow you to save time and money.

Build Trust:

A brochure allows you to build the trust of the customers in your products. It allows you to add all the details and benefits of your products. By reading it, the satisfaction and the trust of the customer in your products increases. A brochure lets the customers know that you are a well-reputed company in the market.

Allows you to personalize your Business:

A brochure allows you to do one-on-one communication with your customer. You can easily tell your customers why they need your product with the help of a brochure. They can read your brochure in any free time. A written brochure provides more information than any other advertisement.

Establish your Business Authority:

A brochure does so many things for your company so don’t print it on poor-quality paper. Use good-quality paper to make it more convincing. A good quality brochure tells the customers that you are working to create high-quality products and they can trust you.