Standard Operating Procedure Templates


Standard Operating Procedure Templates have printed guidelines on how to use various equipment. They are mostly found in most laboratories and scientific setups. They include detailed descriptions of how to operate various machinery. They are usually placed next to the equipment in which they describe their operations. SOPs are written using very simple language such that a person who is totally new to the field can follow the instructions and be able to operate the equipment. However, what is the uses and guidelines of Standard Operating Procedures? Below is a description of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) uses and guidelines.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) Guidelines:

Writing SOPs requires specialized skills. This is because it requires someone who has operated the equipment before and knows exactly how it should be handled. There is also a format guideline that should be followed when writing an SOP. Outlined below are the guidelines on how to prepare an SOP

Do not overlook anything:

When preparing an SOP, it is important to put into consideration someone who has just seen the machine and knows nothing about it. Therefore, do not overlook anything. This is because whatever might be too obvious for you might not be obvious for everyone else. For example, if you are preparing an SOP for a microscope and then you skip the step where you turn on the power switch, it could cost a lot in the end. This is because the microscope will not work if the power switch is off. In the end, the user will be frustrated because they might think that the microscope is faulty.

Use very Simple Language:

Remember, SOPs are not prepared for professionals only. They are prepared for everyone who would like to use the equipment. Therefore, it is always recommended that you use simple terms when preparing the SOPs. In case you use any complicated terms, you can define them at the bottom of the SOP. This will make it easy for the user to refer to it and get a clear understanding of what to do.

Clearly label the SOPs:

In some instances, SOPs are used together. For example, when dealing with a microscope, you can prepare an SOP on how to operate the microscope and another SOP on how to clean the microscope. Therefore, make sure that all the SOPs have been labeled and numbered correctly so as to avoid confusion.

Preparing a Standard Operating Procedure is a task that requires attention to detail. It should not be prepared in a rush. Once it has been prepared, it has to undergo a process of approval before it can be put up for use. This process of approval involves bringing in a random person and asking them to operate the equipment while following the SOP provided. If they succeed, then the SOP can be approved for use. If not then the required changes can be made and the process is repeated until the SOP is approved for use.

Free Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Templates

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