LLC Operating Agreement Templates


When setting up a Professional LLC Operating Agreement, one should understand that this will be laying the groundwork for your company and how it will be run. Further, different states have different rules about whether or not an LLC needs to set up an operating agreement. It is a very good idea so that everyone knows how things will run in this company and many other details. For this purpose, we have the best collection of LLC Operating Agreement Templates here that are crafted professionally.

What one should Necessarily Include in an LLC Operating Agreement?

An LLC Operating Agreement is a legal document. It is used for forming an agreement between the owners of a company. It defines the rights of all the owners and the type of business that the company will conduct in the specific area under the laws of the state. With its help of it, you can define a set of rules for running the company at the starting stage to avoid all kinds of disputes which can arise at any time. You can define how the company will conduct its business under the laws of the state. How the decisions of the company will be made? When and who will arrange the meetings? and how the profit and loss will be divided among everyone.

Here are some things that you should necessarily include in your professional LLC Operating Agreement:

  • The names of all the members and their details.
  • All the responsibilities of the management.
  • Tasks of managers.
  • Business operating rules.
  • The rights of ownership.
  • Capital investment.
  • Rules for the distribution of profit and loss.
  • A set of rules for any kind of unexpected events such as for the event of death, disability, and dissolution.

An LLC Operating Agreement saves your assets in the case of bankruptcy or if the business is banned by the state. You can get this benefit if you have an LLC Operating Agreement for your business. Meanwhile, this agreement is very beneficial for businessmen. It is a legal document that defines the structure of your business, finance, and operational details of your business. This agreement also defines what will happen if one member leaves or if a new member wants to join. Setting up rules and procedures at the start of the business reduces the risk of conflicts and disputes.

Difference Between a Partnership and an LLC Operating Agreement:

The main difference between a partnership and an LLC Operating Agreement is that a partnership means to trust each other and use minimum paperwork for conducting the business while on the other hand LLC Operating Agreement allows you to define all the rules before conducting the business. This is a legal document that saves you in kind of fraud and bankruptcy. An LLC Operating Agreement allows you to run the business securely. With the help of an LLC Operating Agreement, you can set all the rules for running the business without any kind of disputes which can arise at any moment. It allows you to define the rights of each member of the company and secures all ends. It means An LLC Operating Agreement is much better than a partnership.

Free LLC Operating Agreement Templates:

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Tips for Creating an LLC Operating Agreement:

List of Rules:

One of the first things that should be established is a list of rules for your company. This will reduce any confusion in the future and everyone will be clear on what the rules are. When establishing the rules, they should be reviewed and agreed upon by everyone in your company before they are written down and put into practice.

Division of the Company:

Another item to be established early on in the LLC Operating Agreement is the division of the company. It will define how much everyone owes. This will be different in every case depending on how much an individual is contributing towards the company and what your company does. But this should also be established early on so everyone knows where they stand. It is their right to know how their investment will be returned. This includes how the shares of the company will be divided up amongst the co-owners as well. Voting rights can be established at this point. The voting rights of every individual will depend upon how much of the company they own. Those who own a larger interest in the company will have votes that carry a heavier weight than those who do not.

Duties of each Member:

Also, the managerial structure and duties of every member should be decided upon and written down as well. This will reduce confusion and will establish who does what, who reports to whom, and what to expect as the company continues. This is also a good time to determine how decisions will be made within the company. Once again, this will serve to avoid misunderstandings and arguments in the future. Establishing this at the very beginning will help everyone be confident about their place in the company.

Dissolve Strategy:

One of the last things that should be done in an LLC Operating Agreement, as difficult as it may be, is to discuss what strategies to be adopted if the business is to be dissolved. The first thing that should be determined is how many votes it would take to agree to dissolve the business. Secondly, it should be decided how the company will be divided if the LLC is dissolved. Yes, It’s possible that there will not be much left to split at that point. Perhaps, it is still important that the protocol be established so that there will be no confusion later on when emotions and tensions are already running high.

Do remember that no LLC Operating Agreement is set in stone. If it is discovered that a policy or procedure that has been put in place does not work or is unnecessary. You can remove it quite easily. The same applies if it is discovered that a rule or procedure needs to be added. To set up an LLC Operating Agreement, all the members of the company should gather with a lawyer and set up the agreement.