Printable Lesson Plan Templates


For a teacher, the essential part of teaching is forming an appropriate lesson plan for the class students so that the students can obtain the best out of each and every lesson they get with the teacher. Further, the lesson plan of a teacher should be centered on the goals and needs of each individual student. The teacher should keep this in his or her mind while he or she is putting together materials for the lesson plan. Here it describes a necessary lesson plan that the teacher can follow when carrying out his or her lessons. However, our printable lesson plan templates will accommodate more of the hour lesson layout.

A Leeson plan means creating a plan for preparing yourself before delivering the topic of the day to the students. It means you have to research the topic of the day and understand it fully before teaching the students. You need to clear the concepts of yourself. In this way, you will be able to keep all of your students on the right track. A good teacher makes it a part of daily life.

Benefits of Lesson Plans:

A lesson plan template provides a structure for the preparation of a topic. With its help of it, you can easily create a plan that will tell you what you have to study first, which things you have to research, what is the objective of the topic and how you will create a flow of information for teaching your students.

Free Printable Lesson Plan Templates:

Check out our latest-created lesson plans for free. These templates are presented to our users as freebies to use with complete editing features in Microsoft Word documents.



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Components of a Lesson Plan:

There are some things that you should include in your lesson plan compulsorily for preparing the topic of the day efficiently. If you don’t prepare a topic before delivering it then you will not able to teach rightly to your students. You will be confused about some necessary things related to the topic and these things will be missing in your lecture. The students will not get these points and it will affect their performance in the exams. That’s why that is very necessary to use a lesson plan to prepare the lectures efficiently. However, it will help you to understand the topic clearly. It will allow you to accurately deliver all the knowledge to your students.

Here we have listed some important components of a lesson plan:

Lesson Objectives:

You should include the things that will be beneficial for your students and remove extra things from the topic. What your students will learn after the completion of the class? Will it be beneficial for them?

Tasks and Activities:

Create a list of activities that you will perform to deliver the topic in an efficient. You should use a good teaching method for delivering the knowledge to your students. So, they can easily understand the topic without any confusion.

Materials / Equipment:

Write about the materials and sources that you will use to deliver the knowledge. Create a plan for the usage of material. Decide a flow for the delivery of the knowledge in a well-managed way.


List all the sources you have used to gather information about a specific topic. Provide a reference to all the sources that you have used in the preparation of the lesson.

Take-Home Tasks:

Plan what your students will perform at the home after learning the specific topic in the class. In this way, your students will be able to practice what they have learned in school, college, or university. This is the best method to teach your students. When they will practice something on their own then they will be able to learn everything quickly and easily.

It is observed that a half-hour lesson plan has a tendency to feel hurried and reserved, but at the same time, shorter lessons should be taken on for young children. Now there are such things that a teacher should always keep in mind that how much students accomplished or how many questions they have evaluated in their previous week. If the students have not learned any scales or the teacher is not working on managing skills. The teacher can skip that part and have additional time for fresh materials. This is a great guideline for most vocabulary lessons.