40 GAP Analysis Templates & Examples (Word, Excel, PDF)

A GAP Analysis explains the difference between the expected performance of a business, its operations and the actual outputs of such business. A GAP Analysis shows that a system is performing below the expected standards and may need to be reviewed for optimum performance. As the name implies, in an everyday language, it shows that there is a gap to be bridged. In the analysis, operational and structural deficiencies are identified, studied and outlined the required procedures needed to rescue the business, and get it going at its best.

GAP Analysis can also be used by project managers and small businesses to improve processes and standardized their activities. Once the gaps are identified, then, the quality of works and inputs needed to address them can be ascertained and provided.

A Guide to GAP Analysis

To conduct a GAP Analysis, the step to be undertaken is to establish the core values of the organization. This can be achieved by looking at the organizational strategic goals and objectives. The actual plans and goals envisaged by the founders of the organization can be reassessed and the difference between it and the company’s current’s status identified.

The next step will be to undertake a business process reviews. This may require interviews, researches, surveys and investigations to ascertain the problems associated with the business processes. This will also show why and how the organization has managed to drift away from its main targets and core values. Lastly, the company compares its driving goals and targets with its current realities.

GAPs may have existed in a company due to deficiencies in any or all of the three primary categories below:

One – People involved in running the business may be lacking the required or the adequate skills, and they may have poorly defined roles and functions which impede their jobs.

Two – Processes used may be unnecessary, poorly outline and badly managed. This may also involve poor supervision and so on.

Three – Technology may not be properly utilized to ensure seamless activities and automated processes.

When any of these gaps is properly identified, the required approaches and step may then be deployed to address them.

How to Use GAP Analysis?

Identify the need of GAP Analysis: First identify the need to undertake a GAP Analysis. You will realize there is a need for a GAP Analysis when business activities and realities failed to align with realities and outcomes. Sometimes, there may be a need to further listen to stakeholders and other clients in order to ascertain the suspicions that there have been gaps. Compare all the business realities and outcomes with the driven goals of the business. This will enable you to see how far apart or close the business is performing compared with plans and standards.

Review feedback: Discuss the feedbacks and the discoveries with your team, clients and stakeholder. Take other’s opinions and put it together to balance the information you intend to work with. This is usually undertaken by an expert to ensure the success of the review.

Implement a rescue operation: After you’ve had clear and well-established priorities, there is a need to identify the required steps needed to address the problems. The approaches required will largely depend on what the problems are considered to be.

Do a follow-up: There is a need to check back the responses and the impacts of the actions put in place.

Here is our collection of 40 GAP Analysis Templates & Examples (Word, Excel, PDF),


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