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There are various ways of making people remember what they learned. One of the ways of promoting memories is the use of diagrams. Research has proven that it is easier for people to remember what they saw as compared to what they heard. This is what has prompted most tutors to start using visual aids throughout their lessons. The visual aids include charts, bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and other statistical representations such as Venn Diagram Templates. In simple terms, Venn Diagrams are statistical representations that can be used to show the similarities and differences between various elements. Below are the uses and guidelines of Venn Diagrams

They can be used to compare two elements

Venn Diagrams are basically a representation of different elements in the form of circles. The part where the circles cross each other represents the similarities between the two elements. For example, when comparing a duck and a hen, the part in which the two circles share will be very large compared to a comparison of a hen and a tree. Each of the circles represents one element. One circle cannot be used to represent two or more elements. Therefore, ensure that each circle only represents one element.

They can be used to represent subsets

Venn Diagrams can also be used to represent different subsets of an item. For example, if you are talking about mammals during the classification of organisms, you can represent primates as a subset of mammals. This is done by drawing a smaller circle within the bigger circle to represent the subset.  For example, in the above scenario, you can draw a big circle and label it ‘mammals’ then while explaining primates and their relation to mammals, you draw a smaller circle within the first circle and label it ‘primates’. This will give a better understanding of the concept.

It is used to compare more than two elements

Venn Diagrams can be utilized in various ways. One of them is the comparison of more than two elements. For example, if you what to create a picture of the comparison between various kinds of fish, you can do so using Venn Diagrams. All you have to do is to use different colors for the different elements. On top of that, don’t forget to join the circles to represent the similarities among them. All the circles should join up at a common place to represent mutual similarities.

In conclusion, Venn Diagrams are a good way to represent various aspects of statistics. One major rule that should be always applied when making Venn Diagrams is that the common area shared by the circles should be directly proportional to the similarities among the elements represented. This means that the more similarities, the larger the area shared by the circles. Use different colors for the different elements so as to make it easier to distinguish between them. Above all, other statistical elements and representations can also be utilized to create a better and clearer understanding.

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