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Wedding meal is really important, because most of the hosts serve dinner in many cases. It is important to feed all guests properly, and for this purpose, you have to follow proper etiquettes. In order to ensure that the guests properly enjoy your wedding reception, you have to make proper arrangements to entertain them, and food is the biggest factor that can make them happy, or annoyed. Consider the preferences of your guests, and the national cuisines of your state. Offer something special to make your reception memorable, and prepare a menu card to offer different choices to your guests.

If you want to follow proper etiquettes, include a reception card in the wedding invitation, because it serves as a good suggestion of the menu. If the venue for the ceremony and reception is separate, then you can refer the reception as “breakfast,” apart from the type of food that is being dished up.

Menu Choice

If you want to make your reception card more attractive, then you can include a list of entrees on the response card that will be served. It will give a chance to the guests to select their favorite food that they would like to eat on the day of reception. Make sure to get the menu selection card back at the same time when the guests send RSVP for the wedding.

Design a Small Plate Menu

Every type of guest has his/her own choice, such as some guests like to enjoy a sit-down dinner, while some couples choose to have appetizers or drinks at the reception. To satisfy the needs of all guests, you can include a small menu in the reception card. This will show them that they can have choices of appetizers also.

Consider Certain Food Allergies

Try to investigate about the food allergies of your guests who are attending your wedding reception and it can be done easily by including a full menu in the wedding invitation. It will help you to know about the food allergies of your guests. Do not forget to consider various religions, dietary practices and eating habits of your guests, and ask them to send the meal corroboration card back with RSVP. It can be helpful to make some special provisions before the wedding date.

Menu Display

Properly design a menu and make its different copies to display on the serving table in the buffet-style reception. In this way, you can make the work of your guests easy, because they will be able to properly analyze the name of food items before requesting it. Some couples find it appropriate to have smaller copies of the wedding menu card at their seat. This will keep them updated about the food items being served. Allow them to request some small items even at the last minute, such as salad, appetizer and alternative beverage.

Pay attention to the cohesive design, color scheme and the design of the wedding menu card. Try to give it an elegant look with the help of complementing shades, but do not forget to consider the color of table cloth, because the card should get a prominent place on it.

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Wedding Menu Template

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