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A Performance Improvement Plan or commonly known as PIP is a very common practice in organizations and companies. Although it’s a routine work related activity in companies but somehow this plan has got some bad reputation. A performance improvement plan is essentially a guideline from your employer about how you can improve your performance and that’s the whole story. You are just given a clear list of instructions about what is wrong with your performance, how it’s gone bad over the past few months and what improvements the company wants to see in your performance within a given period of time.

Uses and Importance of Performance Improvement Plan:

As soon someone hears that he is given a performance improvement plan, they think are they being fired but the actual situation is on the contrary. If your company wants to fire you due to your poor performance, there is nothing stopping them. When you are given a PIP, you still have the chance to turn things around and prove that you have the ability to fulfill your organization’s expectations. Firing an existing employee and getting a better worker is not a problem for the organizations especially with the growing unemployment figures around the world but professional organizations understand that employee turnover should be kept at minimum and that’s the key reason for developing a performance improvement plan.

With this plan, employers not only give another change to their low performing employees to prove they are worth keeping but also, the companies can increase motivation and competition within the workplace in between the employees. Although it’s not very common but still some companies use these plans as tactics to keep their employees’ expectations about salary increase and promotion at minimum. You can understand that when you ask for 15% raise and your employer hands you PIP, your mind will tell you to settle for even 5% increase in the salary given the situation where the employer is apparently not happy with your performance. You will think of being lucky if you are still not fired let alone given a raise or promotion.

Still the key essence of a performance improvement plan is to motivate the employees towards constant efficiency and better personal development at the workplace. It’s possible that before giving you a PIP, your employer or supervisor will have a thorough one on one meeting with you and will discuss what problems he sees in your performance and will try to eliminate the problematic factors within the meeting and if he sees no improvement or evaluates the problems have deeper root cause, you will be issued an official performance improvement plan.

Free Performance Improvement Plan Templates:

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Market Practices of Performance Improvement Plan:

Expectations included in the PIP should be realistic:

If your employees are working on a level that you think can be improved, it gives you the chance to ask them for improvement but there is no magic involved in this process. It’s not like a magic wand that you can move and employees will have instant boost in their performance. While preparing a performance improvement plan, your expectations and required goals should be realistic. You might think that setting the bar too high will give motivation to employees but the whole plan can back fire if the employees see the PIP with unachievable results.

Communication is the Key of the Whole Process:

If an employee observes that he is asked to do too much without any help from the company or his supervisor, it can instantly make them disappointed and start looking for another job. Remember that communication is the most important part of a performance improvement process. When you ask your employees to improve their performance, they should be given some voice to explain why there is the problem in the first place and what issues they are having in the workplace that might have caused these performance related issues.

Solving the Root Causes of Problems:

The key reason for using a PIP is to ensure that your employees deliver their maximum output and if there is anything bothering them, you can eliminate those issues if they are related to the workplace. As an employer, if you are going to use the output of a performance improvement plan against the employee, maybe this is not what you want. On the other hand, as an employee when you are given a PIP, you should be thankful to your employer that he still has some trust in you and you shouldn’t give up the hope with the expectation of ultimate termination even if you follow up on the improvement plan. You should be able to answer all the questions clearly to ensure you are given the chance for improvement and as an employer, when you see that an employee is having performance issue due to work related problems, you should help eliminate these issues to meet your workers half way.

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