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Event participation certificate is a tool that is used all over the world to recognize an individual’s participation in an event. It is the best way to show someone your appreciation for participating in any event, such as event like conference, meeting, club activity, workshop, training program, different volunteer programs, as well as activity in the class, office or school. The certificate is given to the participants at the end of a successful event to acknowledge his or her participation in the event by including the level of his or her participation and performance in the event.

Different organizations use different event participation certificates. While designing such certificate, it is important to remember that it should be designed simply, not overwhelming with a lot of colors. It should give a neat and professional look. However, no matter what design and colors you choose for your event participation certificate, it should reflect the authenticity and legitimacy of the event as well as the earnestness of the organization that is conducting the event.

Although an event participation certificate is designed according to the needs of the event and/or organization; however, there are some specifics that should be included in the certificate. These are mentioned as follows:

  • Name of the company/organization: The name of the company or organization should be written on top of the certificate with its logo.
  • Title of the certificate: The title of the certificate should be written in clear and bold text so that one knows what it’s all about just by giving it glance.
  • Name of the participant: The full name of the event participant should be included in the certificate.
  • Designation or Residential address of the participant or the organization name from which the participant belongs: In case the event is of social work nature or is a volunteer program that involves the general public in it, you need to include the residential address of the participant in the participation certificate. On the other hand, if the event is conducted within an organization, the designation of the participant should be included in the certificate. And, if the event is conducted with the collaboration of different companies or organizations then include the organization name from which the participant belongs.
  • Event participated in: Include the purpose of the event for which it is conducted with the date on which it is held.
  • The performance of the participant: Include the remarks about the participant of the event concisely.
  • Name, signature and stamp: At the end of the certificate, include the name of a concerned person or the issuing authority with signature and a stamp for authenticity.

Here is preview of a good looking Event Participation Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Participation Certificate Template

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Apart from these main components of the event participation certificate, it is equally important to give it a professional look by using colors that are not sore to the eyes. Avoid using fancy fonts to write the main body of the certificate. However, you can use modish font to write the headings, such as name of the organization, and purpose of the certificate.


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