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Certificates are widely used across the world for different purposes. Various types of certificate are used to acknowledge and encourage workers, employees, students and members of a club, school, or an organization. Moreover, certificates are the best way to offer special deals, promote a new business or advertise an upcoming event, such as a new brand launching ceremony or a big sale.

A membership certificate is used as an official piece of paper that states a membership of an individual in a club, association, institute or organization. The certificate affirms that the individual is a registered member of the organization and is mostly signed by its president and dated. Moreover, the membership can also be given to a group of people who gather to get a membership as named under particular business.

Although this type of certificate is not of a legal importance, however, it is highly desired by a number of organizations, especially privileged clubs. It is particularly of great importance if the club or organization has various branches across the country. In such situation, a membership certificate serves as evidence that they can fulfill any need but have changed their location and that members are allowed in a new branch.

Membership certificates can be formal for business or political organizations as well as slightly informal for schools or mini clubs. They are either given each year if annual fees are required or at the beginning of a lifetime membership plan. Practically, they serve as an operating agreement, which states that the member have full right to enjoy the whole service and offers of a club, association or organization without any hesitation. The good thing about membership certificate is that any person can get it organized at any time.

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When designing a membership certificate, keep in mind its main components, which are as follows:

  • Name of the club/organization: The name of the club or organization should be written on top of the certificate with its logo.
  • Title of the certificate: The title of the certificate should be written in clear and bold text so that one knows what it’s all about just by giving it glance.
  • Name of the member: The full name of the member should be included in the certificate.
  • Nature of the membership: Write nature and description of the membership briefly.
  • Validity of the membership: Include the duration of the membership or date on which it will expire.
  • Name, signature and stamp: At the end of the certificate, include the name of a concerned person or the administrated body with signature and a stamp for authenticity.

Depending on the terms and conditions of the organization, design a certificate that looks professional and elegant. It is important not to use colors that are sore to the eyes. Avoid using fancy fonts to write the main body of the certificate. However, you can use modish font to write the headings, such as name of the organization, and title of the certificate. Follow these guidelines while designing a membership certificate and you will have an appealing and professional looking certificate.

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