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Have you ever imagined to give quantitative ratings to the things on the basis of liking and disliking? Doesn’t it sound strange that you can actually tell someone in numbers, how much you are in love with ice creams than snacks? Can you consider telling someone in figures that how much you hate any of their specific habit? Well, this is all possible by using Likert Scale. Thanks to Mr. Rensis Likert who offered us with such a meter.

Rensis Likert was an American psychologist who offered a research and enabled others to do a quantitative analysis for their feelings, measuring their attitude and even to judge their behavior. It is simply defined as a scale with which attitudes and behaviors can be measured. This ordinal scale even bids facts by measuring levels of agreement and disagreement. Hence while doing a survey, you can go for a number of options to which, people (survey participants) would answer by ticking the options.

Options will be based on the nature of the question such as if you want to know the importance of something and survey a number of people, you can go for pickups like Very Imp., Imp, Moderately Imp, Of Little Importance and unimportant. People will choose the option on the basis of their choice and by using statistical methods of mean, median or mode, you can gather quantitative results. These results will be considered legitimate as they are offering you a complete value. This estimated number would help you in driving unbiased results of your analysis.

Now, here comes the question how effective the use of Likert Scale can be for your Survey? To know its answer let’s move further.

Likert Scale Offers Degree of Opinion:

For a number of behavioral questions a simple survey, based on two options i.e. yes or no, is usually not enough. E.g. if you want to survey about the racism prevailing in USA, you cannot ask a question “Do you like Non-Americans” with simply yes or no Options because people usually don’t like to show even if they are racist. Here Likert Scale will offer facts and figures analyzing the American’s attitude towards others by giving you their degree of opinion.

Behavior is Judged rather than the answers:

Likert Scale would be helpful when you need to study people and their behaviors. In Likert survey forms, a number of options are given along with each question. Every “multiple choice answer” has got same importance hence when you get a number of answers and analyze them, you will be able to judge the behavior and attitude of the people instead of just answers.

Reliable Results / clear Observations:

As it is stated above, Likert analysis offer quantitative results for surveys hence they can be considered as more reliable, more unbiased and even legitimate. By doing so, the chances of blessedness and wrong answers tends to minimize and your results would offer better results.

Simple and easy to build:

Likert scale is simple to build and easy to understand even for those who don’t know the terms related humans and their psychology in real sense.

If you consider the above discussion in your mind, you can get an idea that Likert scale offers quantitative results for qualitative data and makes it easier for surveyors to investigate the results unbiasedly.

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