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Information Technology support services are the services necessary for the IT management. It includes application development services, and information management and IT consulting services. The application development services are mostly used for custom websites and custom applications, including services such as business analysis, quality assurance testing, application planning, and application software maintenance. On the other hand, Information management and IT consulting services are provided by the qualified persons in order to give advice and recommend solutions related to IT, such as IT security analysts, technology architect, and IT business analysts.

The IT support services contract allow organizations/companies to get help of the IT professionals in order to develop and expand their business by using  modern information technologies. It is a legal way to make a business owner and IT professionals bound formally on specific set of terms.

Depending on the nature of the organization and terms and conditions of the contract, the components of the IT support services contract may vary. However, in general, the key components of the contract are as follows:

  1. Service Level Agreement:
  • Statement of Intent: This section states briefly why the contract is being made as well as the two parties between which the contract is being made.
  • Objectives of Service Level Agreement: The details of the objectives of the agreement are all included under this heading.
  • Period of contract: It states the duration of a validity of the contract.
  • Review procedure: It states the date on which the contract will be reviewed. It covers services provided and, service levels and procedures.
  • Representatives: In this section, the IT service provider and the company list the names of the nominated persons who will be responsible for monitoring and maintenance of the support service contract.
  • Reference Documents: In this section, the reference documents are listed that serve as a basis for the policies and procedures of IT service support provider’s operation.
  • Service Level Monitoring: This section states that the IT support service provider will be responsible for the service level monitoring and produce reports to send to the organization.
  • Complaints: Complaints that are related to the operation of the help services are included in this section.
  1. IT Support Service Provider Responsibilities: It includes sections, such as:
  • Functional Overview
  • Hours of operation
  • Response times
  • Priority level response times
  • Support available
  1. Company/Organization Responsibilities: It includes sections, such as:
  • Functional overview
  • Hours of operation
  • Response times
  • Service level targets
  1. Supported Products/Applications/Systems: It includes the following main sections:
  • Hardware support services
  • Software support services
  • Training services

At the end of the contract, include the space for the names and signatures of concerned persons for authenticity.

Keeping in view of the importance of the IT support services contract, it is important to carefully draft the contract as nonexistence of any element can challenge the proper binding of the agreement. Moreover, the contract should be signed by both parties before making services to avoid any future disputes.

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