33 Free Timeline Templates (Excel, Power Point, Word)

When embarking on a project that involves several people and will take a good amount of time to complete, it is very important to create Timeline Sheets as part of your Project Management methods. Using a Timeline Sheet will help everyone you are involved with know what should be happening when and how long it should take. This will help everyone know what steps are being taken and what should be happening next as your project continues.

Timeline Sheets are good for Project Management because they are easy to use and easy to read. When working on a project that has multiple parts that are dependent on each other, it is very helpful to use a Timeline Sheet. The horizontal line represents the amount of time it will take for the entire project to be done. Each member of the team working on a project is given a line and a color. Then each member adds in the time that it will take them to complete their portion of the project. This lets everyone see how long it will take for each part of the project to be done. It will also let everyone see what step in the project should be done as different members of the team complete their portion. It is also important because sometimes one person will get behind on their part of the project. The Timeline Sheet can then be adjusted to account for the extra time they will need to complete their portion. This will also inform the others who are waiting for that portion to be finished. And it will inform the person in charge so that they can adjust the completion date of the project.

An example would be if you are working with ten other people on a publication that your company is putting together. Everyone has been assigned an article that must be done in time for the editors and proofreaders to look through all the articles. The date when this must be sent to the publisher should also be known by everyone. Using a Timeline Sheet will lay out the dates that the articles have to be done by, the estimated time that the editors and proofreaders will need to go through the articles, and how long it will take to be published once it has been sent off to the publishers. As this involves many people, some of whom are not in your own company, this is an effective method of Project Management as it helps everyone to know what is going on when and how long it will all take.

Organizing any number of people on any given project can be difficult and problematic. But there are effective methods of Project Management that can be used in order to make this easier. Using Timeline Sheets is one of the easiest and most effective methods as they let everyone know who is working on what, how long it will take them, and what can then be done after those tasks are done.

Here is our collection of 30+ Timeline Templates (Excel, Power Point, Word),


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