41 Free Sponsorship Letter & Sponsorship Proposal Templates

Asking for sponsorship is like asking for help from some stranger in terms of money. I mean, getting money from someone who doesn’t even know you? This sounds awkward!!! Well, no doubt it is intimidating but still not woolgathering.  If you use right approaches, you can surely get a successful sponsorship. Good thing about sponsorship letters is that you don’t have to go through the discomfort of convincing someone verbally, face to face. In fact, as you are writing a letter, hence you have enough time and chances to prove yourself a legitimate help seeker. By doing so, you can influence the person/ company in a better way to help you, your business or studies etc.

Writing a sponsorship letter is not building castles in the air where you don’t even have an idea what you are doing. In fact, it a set of legitimate rules and precautions, helping you to win successful sponsorship. Don’t lose heart as it is often said “Nothing is Impossible, somethings are just less likely than others.”

So, here you go with the Characteristics of a Successful Sponsorship Letter/Proposal:

Read Samples before Writing:

Before starting to write, you will have to do some pre-work. Pre-work is related to reading sample proposal letters related to your field. Internet is best place to find solutions regarding anything hence, go online, type your keyword and read as many sponsorship letters as you can. In this way, you will get an idea that how a sponsor letter is composed. One thing you need to consider here is “Don’t copy” the exact letter. Just take idea from the written material.

Use Proper Paper/Letterhead:

Now understand the fact for which you are writing a sponsorship letter. Such as; if you are a business owner then compose your letter on the specific letterhead related to your organization. In this way, the receiver will feel a sense of legitimacy in you. It will also show your professional urgency about your company. On the other hand, if you are a student then use a well-toned paper sheet.

Writing Expressions:

While writing a letter, even if the receiver isn’t listening to you face to face, still expression of your writing will represent your tone. Don’t go with irrational and unrealistic usage of words in fact be professional in choosing and penning down each term. Anyhow, your tone can differ from being a business owner to a student. Along with this, if you are writing to any acquaintance it can even be less formal.

Go with Business Letter Format:

Sponsorship letters are composed on simple business letters format i.e. explained below:

  1. Heading

Aligned to left

  1. Date

Month/Day/Year format in left below the heading

  1. Salutation

Miss/Mr., Dear, Gentleman etc. and after salutation put a colon (:)

  1. Subject (optional)
  2. Body Paragraph

Here you will compose your complete letter, its causes and explanations to support your statement to convince the reader. It will be in a paragraphed form. There can be from one to any number of paras.

  1. Complimentary close.

Here is our collection of 40+ Sponsorship Letter & Sponsorship Proposal Templates,


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 01


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 02


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 03


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 04


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 05


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 06


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 07


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 08


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 09


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 10


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 11


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 12


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 13 


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 14


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 15


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 16


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 17


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 18


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 19


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 20


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 21


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 22


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 23


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 24


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 26


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 27


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 28


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 29


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 30


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 31


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 32


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 33


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 34


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 35


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 36


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 37


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 38


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 39


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 40


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 41


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 42


Download Sponsorship Letter Template 43

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