51 Free Printable To Do List & Checklist Templates (Excel + Word)

On regular basis, you have to perform dozens of tasks and there are several different things that you need to take care. Sometimes it’s not possible to just remember all of these duties and tasks but there are always possibilities that you will forget something. Whether you are a working person with full time job or stay at home mother, your routine life is very busy and in order to make sure we don’t forget any important task, it’s required to keep a To-Do-List. A To-Do-List is a simple piece of paper on which you just write all of your important tasks, responsibilities and chores either personal i.e. home related or work related. With the help of this sheet, you can easily make sure that all of your important tasks are completed on time without leaving anything behind. Besides providing a simple list of the tasks that you should do on daily basis, another important element of a To-Do-List is that here you can prioritize the tasks. Usually the most important tasks are written at the top of the list, less important tasks come under that and the tasks that can be completed on next day are kept at the bottom of the list.

Common types of To-Do-Lists:

You can divide a To-Do-List into two basic types and although there are more kinds of lists in general use, but usually they are just segregated in two different categories including; conventional To-Do-List and digital To-Do-List. A conventional list is just a simple piece of paper or a page of your personal diary that you keep with you all the time. Here you just write the tasks with hands and mention when you need to complete the tasks along with the importance. As soon a task is completed, you just check it off on the list. On the other hand, a digital To-Do-List is a list that you keep in your mobile, tablet or laptop computer. You just download a simple application on your mobile and it will help you keep up with all the tasks and chores with ease and convenience. With digital To-Do-List, it’s easy to enter, remove and edit the tasks where with conventional list, it’s not that easy to remove any task or change its priority.

Benefits of using To-Do-List:

  • The most important thing about a To-Do-List is that it helps you remember every little bit about your work and personal schedule. Not only that you remember to perform the tasks on time but it’s also easy to make sure you don’t forget anything.
  • Completing something that is not as important as something that you left behind is a common problem that busy people have to deal with. With a proper To-Do-List, you can easily set your priorities and keep the most important tasks on top where the less important tasks will be kept at the end of the list.
  • Coordinating multiple tasks with each other is also convenient with a proper To-Do-List either digital or conventional but using a digital list is always better. If you want to drop something in a different department and pick something at the same time, you can do both in one trip without wasting time for the second time.
  • Seeing your performance and progress with a To-Do-List is also easy. At the end of the day or week, when you see the tasks that you checked off will help you evaluate how productive you were and if you need to improve your performance next day.

Here is our collection of 50+ Printable To Do List & Checklist Templates (Excel + Word),


Download Checklist Template 01


Download Checklist Template 02


Download Checklist Template 03


Download Checklist Template 04


Download Checklist Template 05


Download Checklist Template 06


Download Checklist Template 07


Download Checklist Template 08


Download Checklist Template 09


Download Checklist Template 10


Download Checklist Template 11 


Download Checklist Template 12


Download Checklist Template 13


Download Checklist Template 14


Download Checklist Template 15


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Download Checklist Template 17


Download Checklist Template 18


Download Checklist Template 19


Download Checklist Template 20


Download Checklist Template 21


Download Checklist Template 22


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Download Checklist Template 25


Download Checklist Template 26


Download Checklist Template 27


Download Checklist Template 28


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Download Checklist Template 31


Download Checklist Template 32


Download Checklist Template 33


Download Checklist Template 34


Download Checklist Template 35


Download Checklist Template 36


Download Checklist Template 37 


Download Checklist Template 38


Download Checklist Template 39


Download Checklist Template 40


Download Checklist Template 41


Download Checklist Template 42


Download Checklist Template 43


Download Checklist Template 44


Download Checklist Template 45


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Download Checklist Template 47


Download Checklist Template 48


Download Checklist Template 49


Download Checklist Template 50


Download Checklist Template 51


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Download Checklist Template 55


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Download Checklist Template 58


Download Checklist Template 59


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