47 Free Press Release Format Templates, Examples & Samples

A professional Press Release should give clear and concise information about your product or service. If your language is too busy or your language falls flat, it is less likely that the press will be willing to send out the information to the general public. One of the mistakes people make in writing Press Releases is putting in “exciting” language as this often falls flat. Your product may be a good one. But trying to create excitement about it with language is not as effective as one might think. The product should be good enough to sell itself.

For instance, if you are sending out a Press Release about a car, words like “dreamy” and “stellar” may seem like good choices, but will not tell your customers anything about your car. These are more general statements that don’t really tell them anything about the product you are trying to sell. Also, making things too technical will only confuse your readers. Using words that only mechanics and those in the factory would know, will cause people to ignore what you have to say.

Instead, try for the clearest language possible in your Press Releases. Tell the customer about the technology that is used to make the ride smooth and easy. Tell them what improvements you have made to make the car handle better. Tell them any other safety features you’ve added such as parking assistance, back up cameras, and alerts. Tell this all in the clearest and most concise language that you can. Telling the truth will create more buzz and will impress upon the customer more than “exciting” language that will get you nowhere.

Another example would be if you are selling the next best laptop. Everyone purchases a laptop for different reasons and what works for some will not work for others. Here’s where having clear and concise language will help both you and your customers. Talking about the refresh rate, the size of the screen, the resolution of the screen, and the technology that goes into the computer will mean much more to a person who uses their laptop for gaming than one who only uses it for business and word processing. Alternately, talking about the storage capacity, the speed at which the computer processes information, the safeties that are in place in case the laptop drops, and the different ways it can connect to the internet will mean much more to the researchers or college students who are looking to use a laptop for school and business. The language that you use in your Press Releases will draw in different types of customers who are looking specifically for your product and make them more likely to buy it.

In short, your Press Releases should contain information that is important to your customers. It should be informative without being too specific or too general. It should draw in the customers who are looking for your product specifically. It will guarantee that your customers will be happy with the product once they have received it.

Here is our collection of 47 Free Press Release Format Templates, Examples & Samples,


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