30 Free Petition Templates (How To Write Petition Guide)

It is often said that, “World is suffering not because of the crimes of crooks but the silence of nobles”.

It shows, most of the defects in the world are just because we don’t react to the missteps, misleading and wrong doings i.e. occurring every day in the world. We often presume that a single individual is unable to bring any changes. But this is not the case at all. The world is filled with examples, like Chee Guevara from Argentina, Abraham Clark from USA, Bhagwat Singh of India and Malala Yousef Zai from Pakistan, where a single person brought change alone.

Here the question occurs, do we have to take swords, guns or armors in order to stop the wrong happenings of the world? Well, certainly not, being members of a civilized species, it doesn’t suit us to go for the option of violence. In fact “Petition is the Key to revolution”.

Petitions are the doorways to make a change, to transform humanity or even to bring revolutionary amendments in a people. Moreover, you have no need to be a professional, lawyer, bureaucrat or a big business man in order to file or ready a petition against something evil. In fact all it takes is courage to stand against injustice.

How to write a professional petition?

Well, before writing an application against something you got to know the role of the petition and how it will be impactful. To make an appeal successful, you will need to have certain number of people along with you to signature the request being filed. Their signatures aren’t the only thing which you are going to require in fact their complete identity information along with contact details are also required.

Now, before composing it, you will have to do some homework to make it appear in a professional manner. This is not like building castle in the air where you have no idea what to do, in fact, some certain and simple tips will enable you to compose down a professional petitioning application for sure.

Think of the Reason:

Cause of petition for which you want to change by this application.

Verify the Reason:

If you are not liking something it won’t be considered as a problem but if society or a part of society is getting harmed by it, then it will surely be considered as a problem.

Research work:

Go to the online and offline sources in order to know about if a petition of that kind was filed before. In this way, you will be able to understand the weakness of those petitioners due to which it couldn’t be successful. Avoid those mistakes!

Creating Awareness among People:

No doubt, you have started this mission alone but to make it impactful, you will have to gather hype. For this, generate awareness among people that how a specific thing is damaging their surroundings. This hype can be created by electronic, print or social media. You can even go for door to door campaigns.

Collect Detailed Information:

Next step is to collection information of the signatories. Professional petitions are not filed unless you have complete information of the signature holders. Information i.e. name, calling number, home address and other contact details to prove them legitimate citizen of the society and not just a fake crowd.

Now after the research, it’s time for you to make it ready in a formal written form. Check further details on how to pen down a petition:

  1. You will have to transcribe the petition in a way that it stimulates the society. Don’t be arrogant in fact make it look like an appeal for grant. Hence, here you can use words like we demand, we favor and we believe etc.
  2. In further lines, briefly describe your portioning cause, its impacts on the society, reasons it is necessary to be granted and, in the end, how its approval will help the citizens.
  3. Add some supporting paragraphs such as, words from the people who are affected by the root cause for which petition is being filed.

Once you are done with writing work, it’s time for you proofread it and make a grammatical and spelling check. You can even ask somebody else to read it down for you.

Half of your petitioning work is complete and remaining party is, taking signatures from the supporters of your cause:

  1. Take separate paper for signatures, a tabulated sheet with fields like Name, Sign, contact details and address would be better to show each and every person’s signature and details separately
  2. Make several copies of your petition
  3. File it now!

Here is our collection of 30 Petition Templates + How To Write Petition Guide,


Download Petition template 01 


Download Petition template 02


Download Petition template 03


Download Petition template 04


Download Petition template 05


Download Petition template 06


Download Petition template 07


Download Petition template 08


Download Petition template 09


Download Petition template 10

 petition-template-11Download Petition template 11


Download Petition template 12


Download Petition template 13


Download Petition template 14


Download Petition template 15


Download Petition template 16


Download Petition template 17


Download Petition template 18


Download Petition template 19


Download Petition template 20


Download Petition template 21


Download Petition template 22


Download Petition template 23


Download Petition template 24


Download Petition template 25




Download Petition template 26


Download Petition template 27


Download Petition template 28


Download Petition template 29


Download Petition template 30

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