45 Great Moving Checklists [Checklist for Moving In / Out]

Moving to a new place gives you a lot of happiness, but at the same time it is tiring and enough to make you tense. It doesn’t matter from where you are moving either you are moving from one room to other or you are shifting the whole house. This tension around your head will almost be the same. This tension can be minimized if you invest a little time before you start packing the stuff.

When you move to the new place you want to take some of the things with you and don’t like to take old stuff. The moving packing list is all about that to mention the materials that you think are important for you. It saves your time and money. If you have all the information written on the paper you will never leave any important thing. This can be time-consuming at first, but as you go further it will save you from tons of problems.

You have two options either to start from the scratch or to download the already made one. As your task is not on the big ground you can prepare a list on the notebook, but if you want your work to look like professionals then you can prepare a list of the word excel. If you haven’t prepared a list before then you can download one which is available on the internet.

I remember when we have changed the house few months before I have chosen the template from the internet and saved it on my phone. This helped me a lot and saves me from this tension that I have to keep the list on right place.

The list preparation doesn’t take a lot of time. You just have to mention few things on the list and it brings peace in your mind and schedule. It is not necessary to prepare a list few days before you move, however, the smart act is to start thinking about it at least two months before. You can prepare a list starting from two months schedule. It is always helpful to plan things on the right time.

You can categorize your list as clothing, furniture, personal care stuff, grocery and useless stuff. First of all, you can write about the material that you will discard and will not take with you. Also, in one column mention the grocery items that you have to use in the mean-time. The clothes that are out of sign can be packed first. You can divide your list into days and months such as packing two months before, one month before and so on. You don’t need to be clean, the list can be rough as well, but makes sure you add items in the list in an organized way otherwise, it will look messed up at the end.

You can also write some tasks for you that you have to some up before you leave, such as watering the plants, cleaning the store-room and play area. The moving packing list is the best selection if, you want to save your time.

Here is our collection of 45 Great Moving Checklists [Checklist for Moving In / Out],


Download Moving Checklist 01


Download Moving Checklist 02


Download Moving Checklist 03


Download Moving Checklist 04


Download Moving Checklist 05


Download Moving Checklist 06


Download Moving Checklist 07


Download Moving Checklist 08


Download Moving Checklist 09


Download Moving Checklist 10


Download Moving Checklist 11


Download Moving Checklist 12


Download Moving Checklist 13


Download Moving Checklist 14


Download Moving Checklist 15


Download Moving Checklist 16


Download Moving Checklist 17


Download Moving Checklist 18


Download Moving Checklist 19


Download Moving Checklist 20


Download Moving Checklist 21 


Download Moving Checklist 22


Download Moving Checklist 23


Download Moving Checklist 24


Download Moving Checklist 25


Download Moving Checklist 26


Download Moving Checklist 27


Download Moving Checklist 28


Download Moving Checklist 29


Download Moving Checklist 30


Download Moving Checklist 31


Download Moving Checklist 32


Download Moving Checklist 33


Download Moving Checklist 34


Download Moving Checklist 35


Download Moving Checklist 36


Download Moving Checklist 37


Download Moving Checklist 38


Download Moving Checklist 39


Download Moving Checklist 40


Download Moving Checklist 41


Download Moving Checklist 42


Download Moving Checklist 43


Download Moving Checklist 44


Download Moving Checklist 45

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