46 Free Letterhead Templates & Examples

Postal mail system is not dead! Even if you consider it nostalgic but still offline mails are being used by a number of big companies for their legitimate business deals. This is the reason, importance of letter, its page, its layout and its first appearance matters a lot and if we talk specifically about the “letters’ layout”, the letterhead is one of the significant printing collateral for any company.

Letterhead, offers a brief introduction of your company even before envelops are torn. You can flatly say that, letterhead is the physical representation of your company. These are not just printed on your business writing pads in fact you can even pattern them on personalized stationary, utensils and apparatuses related to your company. These are also the simplest, most convenient and basic means of promoting your company. Either you are a novice company owner or boss of a hefty business, letterheads are going to be equally important for you.  How? Let me explain.

Importance of Letterheads

Letterheads are significant in many ways. It serves you in a number of ways singularly. E.g.

  • Provides info of your company even at first glance
  • Tells the customer about your brand image and legitimacy
  • Promotes your company, especially, related to sales and communication
  • Displays professionalism
  • Informs people that you exist

When you will use letterhead enriched pages and stationary then you will be informing about your existence by doing so via its design. Moreover, it will also offer your clients a sense of security that they are doing business with a legitimate company. Along with this, it represents a logical professionalism in you by telling others that how much you are serious for your company.

Now, having a letterhead is not enough unless its design and layout is enticing enough and represents your business idea as a whole. Thus, you will have to choose the design for your letterhead carefully because it all about is representing your name.

Design Guidelines

Here are some guidelines that you will consider to choose a heartwarming design for your letter head.

  1. Choose a Company Slogan

The days had gone when simply an address at the start of the page used to represent your company. Now, with an advancement in promotional activities an appealing phrase is must. It is not necessary to be a promoting tagline in fact it can be simply a message for others. Choose this tagline carefully as this will be the extract of your business.

  1. Choose a Logo

Logos are more in fashion than names because these drawn entities displays idea of your business even to those who can’t read and write. Hence when you will have a logo along with your business name, you will be able to target all kind of audience for your company.

  1. Font Style

Font style, in which your letterhead description would be written needs to be carefully chosen. Don’t go for a font i.e. too funky and unreadable but having an ordinary writing style won’t be suitable either. Font should be reader-friendly, precise and eye popping.

  1. Put Signatures

Last but not the least, you will have to put the representative signatures in your letterhead. In this way, whenever your letter will approach somewhere, the signature would represent the owner solely.


Now, the complete design, message and layout of your letterhead is ready then make a spelling and grammar check twice. Remove errors and send it for printing as well as publishing purposes.

Here is our collection of 45+ Free Letterhead Templates & Examples,


Download Letterhead Template 01 


Download Letterhead Template 02


Download Letterhead Template 03


Download Letterhead Template 04


Download Letterhead Template 05


Download Letterhead Template 06


Download Letterhead Template 07


Download Letterhead Template 08


Download Letterhead Template 09


Download Letterhead Template 10


Download Letterhead Template 11


Download Letterhead Template 12


Download Letterhead Template 13


Download Letterhead Template 14


Download Letterhead Template 15


Download Letterhead Template 16


Download Letterhead Template 17


Download Letterhead Template 18


Download Letterhead Template 19


Download Letterhead Template 20


Download Letterhead Template 21 


Download Letterhead Template 22


Download Letterhead Template 23


Download Letterhead Template 24


Download Letterhead Template 25


Download Letterhead Template 26


Download Letterhead Template 27


Download Letterhead Template 28


Download Letterhead Template 29


Download Letterhead Template 30

 letterhead-template-31Download Letterhead Template 31


Download Letterhead Template 32


Download Letterhead Template 33


Download Letterhead Template 34


Download Letterhead Template 35


Download Letterhead Template 36


Download Letterhead Template 37


Download Letterhead Template 38


Download Letterhead Template 39


Download Letterhead Template 40


Download Letterhead Template 41


Download Letterhead Template 42


Download Letterhead Template 43


Download Letterhead Template 44


Download Letterhead Template 45


Download Letterhead Template 46


Download Letterhead Template 47


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