49 Free Job Description Templates & Examples

When applying for a job, carefully reading and reviewing the Job Description is extremely important. Everything that you need to know in order to apply effectively with confidence should be contained in the Job Description.

The first thing to take note of is the job title. A good job title will give you an idea of what the job is and what you will be doing. For example, if the job title is “Children’s Librarian”, you can be confident that you will be working with children and books in a library. If, however, the job title is “Manager”, you do not know what or who you will be managing and you also don’t know where. This job title tells you almost nothing about the job.

Second, the Job Description should include a list of duties that will be expected of you. It should include what you will be doing on a day to day basis and how that contributes to the work place where you will be. These descriptions will most likely be short. But still should be informative. When in the interview, make sure you have the Job Description in front of you so that you can ask your potential employer to elaborate on the details contained in the description.

Third, the Job Description should contain a list of skills that you need to possess in order to be effective at your job. If say you will be working for a classical radio station, it is helpful and nearly necessary to have knowledge of classical music ahead of time. Or say you will be working on a construction site driving a backhoe. You will be required to already know how to drive one and have gone through the appropriate training in order to operate the required machinery safely. It’s always important to make sure the people that one hires will be able to handle the job that they are being given. A list of skills is one of the easiest ways to weed out those who are not qualified for the job.

Fourth, the names of your future supervisors and bosses should be included in the Job Description. Often you will be meeting them at the job interview. It will be helpful to know who they are and what they are in relation to you if you obtain the job that you are applying for. At the job interview, you will have a chance to meet them and gauge your ability to work with them.

Last, the Job Description should include the salary that you will be earning to obtain this job. As one would expect, the salary is often the deciding factor in one’s job search. Comparing the salaries from similar jobs will give you an idea of the typical salary range in the job you are trying to obtain. This will help you to decide whether you want to be in this job field or if you should look elsewhere. A good Job Description is the best tool one can have when looking for a new job. It will help you to determine if this job is the best fit for you, or if you should look into another field.

Here is our collection of 49 Free Job Description Templates & Examples,


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