Italian Restaurant Menu Template

Italian dishes and foods are popular across the world for its regional diversity, rich in taste, and plenty of difference in flavors. There are hundreds and thousands of Italian restaurants all over the world. These restaurants specialize in the preparing and providing Italian cuisine, and each restaurant has menu of its own.

When it comes to designing menu for Italian restaurant, creativity and imagination is very important in order to showcase the particular Italian restaurant dishes. It is important to design in such a way that it evokes the true colors of Italy and its cuisine in order to help delight the senses even before the first bite.

Here we present some useful tips for designing menu for Italian restaurant that will help you in designing a professional looking dining menu for your restaurant.

Define your menu needs

First of all identify your needs so that you can save your time and effort, and also it will help you in designing the menu. Create a list of all the menus you want to include in the menu. A number of restaurants have a separate menu for each service such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to kids menu, happy hour, drink menu, and dessert menu. Moreover, decide on the page size of the menu, whether it will be single, bi-fold, or tri-fold.

Complement menu style with restaurant style

Since the dining menu represents your restaurant, it should complement with the restaurant style so that when people see your menu in window or online, they get the idea of what your restaurant will be like. For a restaurant with elegant and modern interior, select a clean design with a contemporary look. You can design black and white menu with script font. Whereas if you have a family friendly environment of the restaurant then choose the warm colors such as red, orange, yellow and brown along with sans-serif fonts.

Divide the menu into sections or categories

This step allows the customers to easily search for dishes by arranging items in sequence and in categories they fall, starting with the Antipasti (appetizers), Soups and Sauces, Pane (Bread), Pizza, Pasta, Rice, Fish, Meat and cured meat, vegetables, desserts and pastry, drinks, and coffee.

Use photos carefully

In designing a casual menu, include the tasteful images of Italian dishes, such as spaghetti, pasta, tortellini, and pizza in the menu. On the other hand, highlight the Italian fine dining menu with accents of Italian culture and use simple lines to reflect well-known Italian tourist locations. Also, keep in mind that using too many photos of food in your menu will ruin the professional image of your restaurant because food photos are generally related with junk mail flyers.

Pay attention to details

Customers are very perceptive to discrepancies. They can easily be distracted by misspelled ingredients, scratched-out prices, or use of too many different fonts in the menu, leaving them with a bad taste for your restaurant. When designing menu, watch out for details before printing it out. Check how it looks on the tables and in restaurant environment.

In a nut shell, designing a menu for Italian restaurant is a serious task, which should be done carefully. The designed menu should have consistent styling from section to section, easy to read fonts, proper spacing, and should be typo-free.

Here is preview of a good looking Italian Restaurant Menu Template created using MS Word,

italian menu template

Click here to download this Italian Restaurant Menu Template

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