39 Useful Immunization & Vaccination Schedules [PDF]

Vaccination is the process in which a vaccine is administered to the body. A vaccine can be defined as any preparation that can be used to provide immunity to a certain disease or condition. Immunization is the process in which the immune system is empowered to fight various diseases and conditions. Immunization is always the result of vaccination. Vaccination involves the introduction of a disease-causing preparation in the form of a vaccine into the body. The body’s natural immune system is then induced to fight off the infection. This means that once the disease recurs at a later stage in life, the body will be able to fight it off on its own. However, the main goal of vaccination is to prevent a recurrence of the disease or condition.

Importance of Immunization and Vaccination Schedules:

Whenever a child is born, they are expected to undergo a series of Immunization and Vaccination Schedules, but what is the importance of these Immunization and Vaccination Schedules? Let us take a closer look so as to find out.

  1. They are a good way of preventing potential deformities.

In order to understand more about this, let’s take an example of the polio vaccine. Polio is the short form of the term poliomyelitis which is an inflammation of the spinal cord. Failure to administer the polio vaccine can lead to paralysis or amputation of the limbs. Therefore, it is important to follow up on the Immunization and Vaccination Schedules so as to avoid such consequences that can even be fatal if not put on the check.

  1. They help in preventing potential outbreaks.

A good example to explain this is using the chicken pox or the cow pox vaccine. If the vaccine is not administered in good time, or if there is a total failure of the vaccine administration, then this could lead to an outbreak of the disease. Another good example in which vaccines have been used to prevent either or contain an outbreak of a disease is when there was an outbreak of the swine flu.

  1. They are mandatory in some cases.

The perfect example of this instance would be when you are traveling to another country. At the airport, you could be asked for evidence of vaccination against diseases such as yellow fever. Failure to get vaccinated will instantly bar you from proceeding with your journey.

  1. Immunization and Vaccination Schedules can prevent possible deaths.

When a baby is born, their immunity is very weak and very susceptible to infections and diseases. Therefore, Immunization and Vaccination Schedules are important since they help in preventing infant deaths which could have been easily avoided.

Immunization and Vaccination Schedules are very important since they help in strengthening our immune system. They help in preventing future infections or preventing a recurrence of infections which have affected us before. They hold the potential to save many lives. For example, recently there is a vaccine which has been developed to prevent cervical cancer. Cervical cancer can lead to infertility and other unpleasant consequences; it could eventually be fatal. However, this vaccine can help in the prevention of all these symptoms.

Here is our collection of 38 Useful Immunization & Vaccination Schedules [PDF],


Download Vaccination Schedule 01 


Download Vaccination Schedule 02


Download Vaccination Schedule 03


Download Vaccination Schedule 04


Download Vaccination Schedule 05


Download Vaccination Schedule 06


Download Vaccination Schedule 07


Download Vaccination Schedule 08


Download Vaccination Schedule 09


Download Vaccination Schedule 10


Download Vaccination Schedule 11


Download Vaccination Schedule 12


Download Vaccination Schedule 13


Download Vaccination Schedule 14


Download Vaccination Schedule 15


Download Vaccination Schedule 16


Download Vaccination Schedule 17


Download Vaccination Schedule 18


Download Vaccination Schedule 19


Download Vaccination Schedule 20


Download Vaccination Schedule 21


Download Vaccination Schedule 22


Download Vaccination Schedule 23


Download Vaccination Schedule 24


Download Vaccination Schedule 25


Download Vaccination Schedule 26


Download Vaccination Schedule 27


Download Vaccination Schedule 28


Download Vaccination Schedule 29


Download Vaccination Schedule 30


Download Vaccination Schedule 31 


Download Vaccination Schedule 32


Download Vaccination Schedule 33


Download Vaccination Schedule 34


Download Vaccination Schedule 35


Download Vaccination Schedule 36


Download Vaccination Schedule 37


Download Vaccination Schedule 38

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