27 Free Doctor Note / Excuse Templates

Since many disabilities in our body aren’t visible hence Doctor’s note here offers a solution. It is not merely necessary for receivers to know about the Legal Aspects of a Doctor’s Note in fact it is equally important for doctor who is writing the note. Such legal rules and regulations derived for Doctor’s certificate can damage someone’s life, career or livelihood in real sense. Thus, go through the articles and get to know about your legal rights and responsibilities.

There have been so many discussions on the importance of Doctor’s note in the world since now where some considered it integral while others thought it’s just a lame excuse of employers to make employees suffer and to eat their basic rights to have off days. Anyhow, we won’t dive into those complicated traps of discussions. I am here to give you a brief understanding on Legal Aspects of a Doctor’s Note.

Frist of all you will have to look for the aspects where Doctor’s Note becomes necessary. Being a student or an employee, you would have known the status of a doctor’s note but how it is going to have an impact over your life legally, check below:

  • If you, being an employee or student, need a full day, half day or a couple of leaves- you will certainly have to go for medical note. In this note, doctor will prescribe your certain medical condition in which a leave is required.
  • Moreover, if you want certain kind of equipment due to your medical condition, at office, you will have to submit a note by your physician which enlightens the need of special tackles such as a walking desk, A-class flight during travel, a wheel chair or a 5 to 10 minutes leave after every hour.

In such conditions, illness is usually not visible thus employee requires prescription from a doctor to inform employer that he / she needs specific stuff under certain conditions. Now, here comes the question how come it harm or benefit you legally.

Well, if your certificate is legitimate and got some genuine issues regarding your health then no doubt, your employer will have to grant you with the things i.e. necessary for you as per the certification issued by doctor. In case he doesn’t, you (Employee) can sue them in the court.

On the other hand, under some certain conditions, employees and students usually take fake doctor’s notes and submit them to the authorities. Here, if the certificate will prove to be as fake then a student can lose his admission in the class and even an employee can lose his job. Moreover, if a doctor prescribe fake note even he can lose his position.

Furthermore, if you won’t provide doctor’s note in case of some serious illness even you were unable to attend the job, the employer will have the legal right to terminate you without even notice. Along with this, if you want leaves on continuous basis, you can go for FMLA leaves as it can protect your job by offering you unpaid leaves.

Hence as an employee as well as employer, you will have to understand the Legal Aspects of a Doctor’s Note and should also train managers along with other employees of your office about it so that in coming future, you don’t have to suffer by getting some legal notices.

Here is our collection of 27 Free Doctor Note / Excuse Templates,


Download Doctor notes 01 


Download Doctor notes 02


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