41 Free Awesome Personal / Character Reference Letter Templates

A Personal Reference letter is known as character reference letter and is used by the individual applying for the job .it is provided by the person who knows you and give guarantee of your character abilities.it depends on the nature of job either they demand reference or not. Make sure you read the job criteria and type of references they demand .we all know that it is difficult to find the job of your dreams it includes many things when applying for a job good written CV cover letters etc.one of them is reference letter. A major question arises that why recommendation is important?

Sending a CV along with cover letter only is not enough for job. Reference letter has its own importance.

It allows recruiter to differentiate between candidates holding for important positions or to be employed by other companies. They often demand online reference letters when applying online for jobs.

The question arises “to whom should ask for recommendation? There is no harm to ask from boss to recommend you.

Once letter is written, make sure to thank him warmly for your recommendation.

It is Important in Many Ways:

It gives future employees a way to gain insight into candidate’s background and capabilities.

It gives a potential employers more information than they normally obtain.

It acts as a reinforcement for employee and helps to convince your employer that you are capable and contributed a lot in your previous company.

The letter provided by the person who worked with you enhance chances of getting a job because it will convince the employer to look on your abilities.

The reference letter will help the employer to determine that how well you were in previous firm.

Reference letter usually contains your academic, personal and professional qualities. Share your skills with the writer so that he could write in the letter. Talk about your achievements and accomplishments. It also involves the duration of your work, credentials and awards.

Add some personal qualities as well you possess. It shows intelligence and sense of responsibilities. Show your qualities like willingness, wittiness, responsible, honest, loyalty and flexibility. Give some examples which proves that you actually possess these qualities. Keep your reference letter up to for applying into new jobs.

Remember that it will take some time to consider by an employer don’t get frustrated or over stressed by thinking this.

Here is our collection of 40+ Awesome Personal / Character Reference Letter Templates [FREE],


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