15 Birth Certificate Templates (Word & PDF)

A Birth Certificate is an essential document that officially registers a child’s birth. It is the legal right of a child born in a particular country to be provided with an identity. It is basically done by the government authority. By registering the child’ existence, the government hands over him/her an access to protection, medical care and education. It includes the child’s name, date of birth, and parent’s name in addition to other information. It establishes the fact that this child has the legal permission to be a permanent resident or citizen of the country.

Registration of child birth has a variety of advantages to assist in:

  • The calculation of infant mortality rate of a country.
  • Generating a public policy to determine what a how much of an essential service is required.
  • Developing a complete and timely accurate statistic about the population size of an area.
  • Helping the health officials to spot the health related issues i-e; the health of mothers and babies.
  • Identifying about the health trends in a region such as birth defects, HIV, AIDS etc.
  • Making a priority list of the health illnesses, by the government, for the determination of funding to eradicate the problem.
  • Getting a job which is specific for the citizens of that particular country.
  • Voting, participation in international supports, entering in military services, obtaining various licenses, getting a passport, access to banking services, property ownership and obtaining inheritance benefits all require a person to have a birth certificate.

Unfortunately, the availability of accurate data falls short all over the world. A major problem attached to birth registration around the globe is that this process is taken very lightly by the people.  They are unaware of the delicacy of the issue. Usually the problem is less prevalent in developed countries because the institution where the baby get birth is responsible for registration. The parents are only concerned about choosing a name and then signing the registration papers. However, in developing countries the whole process of registration is the responsibility of parents. As this process require considerable amount of money and efforts so either it takes long time or in most instances ignored altogether.

People are basically unaware of its legal importance and the benefits they could reap from it. It is therefore necessary to educate our community, especially the mothers about its importance. It can be done by adopting different strategies in which meeting could be arranged with the people in which the doubts of people can be brought to light making the situation clear to the parents. Telling them that it is necessary for their child to get his /her rights in that state. Secondly, it can also be done by door-to-door awareness campaigns that would disseminate the clear knowledge.

Here is our collection of 15 Birth Certificate Templates (Word & PDF),


Download Birth Certificate Template 01


Download Birth Certificate Template 02


Download Birth Certificate Template 03


Download Birth Certificate Template 04


Download Birth Certificate Template 05


Download Birth Certificate Template 06


Download Birth Certificate Template 07


Download Birth Certificate Template 08


Download Birth Certificate Template 09


Download Birth Certificate Template 10


Download Birth Certificate Template 11


Download Birth Certificate Template 12


Download Birth Certificate Template 13


Download Birth Certificate Template 14

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