48 Sample Affidavit Forms & Templates (Affidavit of Support Form)

An Affidavit, unlike a contract or agreement, is a legal evidence that is presented before an authority or court for a particular case. The authority before which an affidavit is presented has the jurisdiction to witness an oath. The statement given in the affidavit represents that you swear that the information given in document is true and not fraudulent. It is an oath that you take on a paper rather than going to court and telling them that whatever I say is nothing but true. It also says that punishment will be given in case of giving false information.

Generally an affidavit is presented either in printed form or may be typed clearly on only one side of the paper. It is a formal statement consisting of facts and is never submitted on the basis of rumors, gossips or personal opinions. It does not include the opinions of person who is making it. The person who makes the affidavit is bound to sign, put date, address and name on the affidavit in the presence of concerned authorized person to make it fully legal. It is then signed by the deponents with specific date. In some instances, the personal opinions are welcomed such as a psychologist can give his/ her opinion. A person can also write his/ her own affidavit but is a difficult task to do.

An Affidavit is needed in carrying out different works such as students need it to verify their residency in the particular country, can be used as a supportive document to apply for a job, voter registration card is also an affidavit which is needed to avail the right of voting, an affidavit of support is needed to be signed by the sponsor to ensure that the emigrant will not be burden on the economy of the country, financial affidavits for divorce cases and custody matters, affidavit of hire ship, marriage, domicile etc. Once signed and testified, the affiance become bound to legal proceedings if found guilty of providing incorrect information.

So, In essence, an affidavit is used by the person who cannot visit the court personally. It assures the accuracy of the claims made by the person.  It bounds the person to truthfulness otherwise be punished for betraying under court of law.

Here is our collection of 48 Sample Affidavit Forms & Templates (Affidavit of Support Form),


Download Affidavit Form 01 


Download Affidavit Form 02


Download Affidavit Form 03


Download Affidavit Form 04


Download Affidavit Form 05


Download Affidavit Form 06


Download Affidavit Form 07


Download Affidavit Form 08


Download Affidavit Form 09


Download Affidavit Form 10


Download Affidavit Form 11


Download Affidavit Form 12


Download Affidavit Form 13


Download Affidavit Form 14


Download Affidavit Form 15


Download Affidavit Form 16


Download Affidavit Form 17


Download Affidavit Form 18


Download Affidavit Form 19


Download Affidavit Form 20


Download Affidavit Form 21


Download Affidavit Form 22


Download Affidavit Form 23


Download Affidavit Form 24


Download Affidavit Form 25


Download Affidavit Form 26


Download Affidavit Form 27


Download Affidavit Form 28


Download Affidavit Form 29


Download Affidavit Form 30


Download Affidavit Form 31 


Download Affidavit Form 32


Download Affidavit Form 33


Download Affidavit Form 34


Download Affidavit Form 35


Download Affidavit Form 36


Download Affidavit Form 37


Download Affidavit Form 38


Download Affidavit Form 39


Download Affidavit Form 40


Download Affidavit Form 41


Download Affidavit Form 42


Download Affidavit Form 43


Download Affidavit Form 44


Download Affidavit Form 45


Download Affidavit Form 46


Download Affidavit Form 47


Download Affidavit Form 48

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