37 Flat Stanley Templates & Letter Examples

Flat Stanley Letter is used to connect your child or student with other children participating in the project by sending flat visitors that are created by children. These flats are sent through the mail. Though Flat Stanley Letter you can send the information about yourself, about your school or town. This information let the receiver know about you and your surroundings. With Flat Stanley Letter you can know about the other countries, about their cultures and people. We can send Flat Stanley Letter as a group too, by including the information of the whole group. Students can also send it individually.

On the receiving side, receiver treats the visiting Stanley as a guest. Often, the receiver sends an email to confirm the sender that the Flat Stanley Letter has been received. Students take it to complete the journal and when the journal is complete, the receiver sends Flat Stanley Letter back to the sender and also sends the email that the Stanley is on the way. Sender can also include some stickers, pins and photographs with Flat Stanley Letter.

Flat Stanley Letter carries information about the sender, weather, location, culture, population, wish list, what is special of your country/location, books, seasonal activities, and freebies etc. In this information sender tells in details about all these things regarding what’s the current temperature where he/she located, how many people are in your city, which types of books you read in your class, what’s important to you, what special thing is presented in your area or country, etc.

When you send Flat Stanley Letter, be sure about the address which you have entered is correct. Also print the return address on your Flat Stanley Letter. You can also send project letter as your Flat Stanley Letter.

By Flat Stanley Letter you can share your every possible information with other people and can make friends. Students find it fun because Stanley travels on maps and share the information about the journal. People send the things related to the interest of others for example if someone likes painting you can send him/her painting in envelope, and if you are expert in any thing you can send your expertise to tell them about you and your talent.

There are also websites on internet to send the Flat Stanley Letters. Mostly teachers use these websites to send the Flat Stanley Letter. Teachers register and arrange with other classrooms on the flat Stanley website and do their work. There are also blogs available to share your stories with other people. Special blogs are present for teachers on which parents and teachers publish their stories and also describe their interesting information. Students share and exchange their ideas and also share the photos. By Flat Stanley Letters students learn creativity by noticing the ideas of the people; when the adults receive the Flat Stanley Letter it refreshes the memory of their childhood. Students also learn about geography by sending the Flat Stanley Letters because Flat Stanley Letters travel to many places around the world. So Flat Stanley Letter writing is helpful.

Here is our collection of 37 Flat Stanley Templates & Letter Examples,


Download Flat Stanley template 01 


Download Flat Stanley template 02


Download Flat Stanley template 03


Download Flat Stanley template 04


Download Flat Stanley template 05


Download Flat Stanley template 06


Download Flat Stanley template 07


Download Flat Stanley template 08


Download Flat Stanley template 09


Download Flat Stanley template 10


Download Flat Stanley template 11


Download Flat Stanley template 12


Download Flat Stanley template 13


Download Flat Stanley template 14


Download Flat Stanley template 15


Download Flat Stanley template 16


Download Flat Stanley template 17


Download Flat Stanley template 18


Download Flat Stanley template 20


Download Flat Stanley template 21


Download Flat Stanley template 22


Download Flat Stanley template 23


Download Flat Stanley template 24


Download Flat Stanley template 25


Download Flat Stanley template 26


Download Flat Stanley template 27


Download Flat Stanley template 28


Download Flat Stanley template 29


Download Flat Stanley template 30


Download Flat Stanley template 31 


Download Flat Stanley template 32


Download Flat Stanley template 33


Download Flat Stanley template 34


Download Flat Stanley template 35


Download Flat Stanley template 36


Download Flat Stanley template 37

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