30 Book Report Templates & Reading Worksheets

An essay discussing the contents of a book is called Book Report. A good Book Report holds the interest of both the announcer and the audience and gives a desire to listeners to read the book. It forces to readers think carefully and deeply about message of author. Book Report can be written as class assignment. We can say Book Reports are the summaries of narrative and stories. The contents of the Book Report include the main information about any work, a summary of a story and the purpose for which author has created the work. It also includes the student’s opinion about the book after reading it. But you may be wondering if Book Reports are still effective? Answer of this question is absolutely yes! Book Reports are still effective. Book Report include the review of a book you can say the analysis of a book.

Book Reports provide combined and updated information about any subject or matter. This report includes short information in the form of summary which can be used for decisions making process or planning. A Book Report also means internal information. For example if we are talking about an organization then Book Reports act as an effective communication for providing the feedback to employees. Data which Book Reports provide can be used for planning and decisions, because Book Reports provide reliable data which can be used for long term planning. That’s why Book Reports are still effective.

Book Reports are different for different levels. Middle school reports are not written in detail, these reports provide short detail about the theme of the book but if we talk about the Book Report for college level it’s totally different from middle school report. The Book Report of college level includes detailed analysis. Before writing a Book Report, be sure you have got all the information.

When you start writing a Book Report keep in mind your readers has not read the book before, and you have to deliver all the main idea about the topic. So make some research on the topic for which you’re starting report writing. Get enough information about the author. Add review about the book, what is your review after collecting/getting all the information. Sometimes it is part of your assignment.

Middle school Book Report templates include the book title, book author name, number of pages, plot synopsis, detailed description of the plot, protagonist, protagonist’s journey through the story, theme, main character and message. High school Book Reports are little bit different from middle school Book Report. It includes book title, author name, number of pages, genre, plot synopsis, major and minor characters, and theme, use of symbolism and language and historical context of the book.

While writing a Book Report writers/authors focus on what happened in the book and why it happened. These reports include the information that is enough to understand, after reading a Book Report a reader can understand which type of information is included. These reports develop the interest of readers and compel them to read the complete book.

Here is our collection of 30 Book Report Templates & Reading Worksheets,


Download Book Report Template 01 


Download Book Report Template 02


Download Book Report Template 03


Download Book Report Template 04


Download Book Report Template 05


Download Book Report Template 06


Download Book Report Template 07


Download Book Report Template 08


Download Book Report Template 09


Download Book Report Template 10


Download Book Report Template 11


Download Book Report Template 13


Download Book Report Template 14


Download Book Report Template 15


Download Book Report Template 16


Download Book Report Template 17


Download Book Report Template 18


Download Book Report Template 19


Download Book Report Template 20


Download Book Report Template 21


Download Book Report Template 22


Download Book Report Template 23


Download Book Report Template 24


Download Book Report Template 25


Download Book Report Template 26


Download Book Report Template 27


Download Book Report Template 28


Download Book Report Template 29


Download Book Report Template 30

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